In The Blink: Episode 5 - Party in the Woods

In our busy, scheduled lives there seems to be less and less time for the simple things. Things like sitting around a fire and sharing food, drink and stories. As we heard from MTB founding father Gary Fisher with our own ears, the best antidote for urban saturation is to get on our bikes and have a big party in the woods.


Gathering nine of the world’s most talented mountain bikers from a variety of discipline, along with 13 crew members from Anthill Films, in an off-the-grid location, free from worldly distractions, had everyone returning home with their own memories and stories to tell for years.


Here are some of those stories from the Return to Earth Hawaii shoot.



Episode 5 - Party in the Woods


Brett Rheeder

“The campground is made up of all these shipping containers with living areas built into them. There’s a common area tent where we have all our meals and a couple of big umbrella trees that we hang out and chill under. The container I’m staying in faces the property where we’re filming and I can see the landings of the jumps through the window right from my bed.


It’s kind of surreal seeing all these athletes here that you never really see together on an Anthill shoot. You wouldn’t expect to have Matt Hunter and Casey Brown in the same shots as guys like Thomas Genon, Emil Johannsen and Carson Storch. It’s such a wide range of mountain bikers.”



In the Blink is a six-part web series that dives behind the scenes of Anthill's upcoming feature film Return to Earth. 

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Photography by Sterling Lorence