Interview with Joris Daudet of Chase BMX

We met up with #ShimanoBMX athlete Joris Daudet of the Chase BMX Team at the Bellflower BMX Track in early June to give Joris the brand new Shimano DXR PD-MX70 BMX SPD Pedal. This is Shimano's first-ever branded DXR pedal and we were excited to get the pedal into the hands of our top-level BMX athletes. Joris was joined by his weiner dog Slushpuppy for a sunny California day at the track. After getting Joris dialed in with the new pedals, we sat down to ask him a few questions about his season so far. 



How did you feel your season has gone so far this year? 

It’s going pretty good. I’ve got some good wins in the USA BMX circuit and then a good win at the World Cup and a few podiums and second at the World Championship a few weeks ago. So, it’s going pretty good, not bad for now. 


What are you most excited about this summer, on or off the bike? 

We don’t have as many races this summer. So, I’m excited to take some time off now and be able to train and enjoy family and time off from the bike and then be ready for the end of the season which will be important for us with the Olympic points starting in Argentina and the USA BMX Season. 



So your it's critical to train going into the second half of the season?

Yes. Well you know you can start the season good and finish bad. The USA BMX circuit, the Grands, is the most important race so you have to be good there and we still have a World Cup and starting the Olympic points too. It’s going to be a very crucial end of the season. 



Do you have any trips or vacations planned for the summer?

We’re going to Playa del Carma, Mexico for a week and then after that the normal race schedule. 



What do you think about the S-PHYRE XC9 for BMX racing?

They’re super good, very comfortable. You can keep them on the whole day and at the BMX track, most of the time I don’t even take them off. They’re very comfortable, stiff on the pedal. I really love them. 



We are here testing the new Shimano BMX DXR pedal. What are your first thoughts and impressions?

It’s a very good pedal. I had already ridden the prototypes and really loved it. I’ve been riding with them for a few months and I really love it. It’s so hard to unclip and you only have a little motion which is what we really look for in BMX. It’s very strong to unclip and stiff, so it’s great. 



Would you consider this an improvement for BMX racing? 

For sure. It’s next level. Just also the weight, the SPD is a big one. You get a little bit of less weight and I think they’re stiffer to which is important for a sprint sport. 



What country are you rooting for at this year's FIFA World Cup?

Come on man, France!



What does the name Shimano represent to you?

Quality. You’re never disappointed with whatever product you buy – cranks, pedals, shoes. You know it’s always very good quality. You know it’s durable.  



Did you know Shimano is soon to be 100 years old, and that it all started with the single speed freewheel?

No, I didn’t know. That’s pretty impressive. You need to have a huge worldwide party! It’ll be cool to celebrate that.