Light Up the Road with Shimano S-PHYRE Shoes

Maximizing power transmission, comfort, and performance, the new Shimano RC902 road competition shoes will blow your mind.

Maximizing power transmission, comfort, and performance, the new Shimano RC902 road competition shoes will blow your mind


Group of freinds riding road bikes with Shimano S-PHYRE RC902 road bike shoes


Fast is fun. Slicing your way through a peloton, flying down a steep switchback descent, racing against the clock on your local time trial series: there’s something about feeling the wind in your face and knowing you’re putting every ounce of energy into your pedals to achieve your goals. 


With Shimano’s new S-PHYRE RC902 road competition shoes, you’ll be ready to throw down at your next race, whether you’re a WorldTour professional, a local crit race expert, or you just want to beat your buddies at the next town line sprint. Shimano’s S-PHYRE shoe is the pinnacle of road race performance. Every aspect of the shoe is designed to maximize power transmission, comfort, and performance. 

Shimano Red RC902 top of the line road cycling shoes

Function-specific zones to maximize power transfer

Utilizing its pedal analyzer, Shimano engineers took a 3D look at pedaling dynamics across a wide spectrum of rider types. This helped identify how pressure is applied throughout the pedal stroke and they discovered distinct zones across the shoe where force is exerted differently. Using this information, Shimano optimized the new RC902 shape and used unique materials in those distinct regions to accommodate the different forces. 


Black Shimano RC902 road bike shoes paired with a Shimano DURA-ACE road bike


The RC902's upper construction is more rigid toward the rear of the shoe, where pedaling pressures are the highest. The reinforced construction helps hold the foot securely in place to maximize power transfer from your foot to the pedal. As you move toward the front of the shoe, pedaling pressure decreases so ventilation and flexibility are prioritized. Shimano utilizes ultra-breathable, reinforced mesh and micro-fiber leather materials that are layered across the shoe to maximize fit, flexibility, rigidity, and ventilation for the perfect shape.  


Engineered fit for unmatched comfort and control 

To enhance comfort and ensure the S-PHYRE RC902 shoe fits a wide range of foot sizes and shapes, Shimano created a new 360-Degree Surround Upper design technology. This new design completely wraps the foot, including across the base of the RC902, and allows riders to better customize the fit of the shoe for the most comfortable and secure fit ever. 


Top view of Shimano S-PHYRE RC902 shoes


“The new design delivers a surreal connect to the pedals,” explains Jessie Gascon, Shimano's Lifestyle Gear Product Manager. "The RC902s have remarkable holding power and provide the sensation that power is being 100% transferred with every pedal stroke."


Amplifying this slipper-like fit is the sleek new BOA Fit System Li2 closure system with two lightweight dials. This design delivers exceptional grip and precise micro-adjustments so you can easily adjust your shoes on the fly or tighten things up as you head into the finish line sprint 


Blue SHimano S-PHRYE RC902 road shoes with DURA-ACE bike


The new RC902 also features an updated Shimano Dynalast shape, which expands the fit range to accommodate a wider range of foot shapes and sizes. With a new toe box shape, the RC902 offer more room in targeted areas for added comfort while maintaining a secure and stable fit. The shoes feel roomy enough to keep your feet happy, but you won’t be sloshing around or losing power thanks to the materials and closure system. 


Optimized power transfer for the hardest efforts

Shimano’s research with its pedal analyzer also helped identify how the foot can move within the shoe and where power is being lost through this movement. The new RC902 shoe features a redesigned heel cup that optimizes fit and foot stability. It holds your heel in place, preventing it from moving up and down during hard efforts.


White Shimano S-PHYRE RC902 preformance road bike shoes


The new heel design also features Shimano’s anti-twist heel technology, which reduces side to side movement caused by intense twisting forces during the most explosive accelerations. The heel features a mix of rigid and flexible materials that stabilize the top section of the heel cup to reduce foot movement and increase power transfer. 


Freinds riding road bikes wearing Shimano's top of the line S-PHYRE RC902 road bike shoes


Nothing brightens up a ride like #newshoeday and the RC902 shoe does not disappoint. Shimano’s S-PHYRE shoes have long been the standard for top performance footwear and leading technology. It was an ambitious undertaking, to make Shimano’s S-PHYRE shoes even better. But the RC902 shoes deliver everything you’d want in performance along with the modern stylings so you’ll be as stylish as you are fast.