LIVE from IRONMAN Kona with the Cupcake Cartel

Thanks to Tim Van Berkel and Callum Millward for joining us with Craig (CROWIE) Alexander for an entertaining Facebook Live interview from Kona. These two have some funny stories to share from their times on the Ironman circuit. 



Watch through to find out what the story behind Craig Alexander's new race day t-shirt is!


Callum and Tim talking about the first time they met on the course, and how the not so friendly encounter turned into what has become an amazing friendship. 



Tim shared some funny stories about some of his younger, and crazier days, in the IRONMAN circuit. 



Callum shared some insight into his Cupcake Cartel team and the community he's created online for triathletes all over the world. 



You can find Craig on race day at the finish line with his new 'Yewww Go Berks' shirt!