Shimano LIVE: The Amanda Nauman Interview

Whether it’s crunchy mid western farm lanes or sloppy cyclocross muck, Amanda “Panda” Nauman thrives on all things off-road.The Southern California native has won the Dirty Kanza 200-mile gravel race on two separate occasions while also remaining a regular contender during the all-out, 45-minute efforts of professional cyclocross.


But there’s much more to this 31-year old than competing–she’s co-founded and manages the SDG Factory Team, and this year she also threw her hat into the event promotion ring, co-organizing the inaugural Mammoth Tuff gravel race slated for Fall 2020.


When she takes off the racing, training, coaching and spread sheeting cape, she works as a quality manager for an aerospace testing company. Shimano caught up with Nauman on Facebook Live and got the full scoop on her jam-packed gravel life and beyond, straight from the Panda herself.


Amanda Nauman Dirty Kanza
Attacking off the front of the DK 200 peloton, as it rolls across the Flint Hills outside Emporia, Kansas, during the 2018 edition of the race. Photo: Wil Matthews


Amanda Nauman CX Nationals
Nauman ripping the ruts during proper CX conditions and crowds, at 2019 US Cyclocross Nationals in Lakewood, Washington. She’d go onto finish 9th in the pro women. Photo: Angel Perez


Amanda Nauman Enyoing Mammoth Mountain
Enjoying the Eastern Sierra gravel, sampling some of the cindery grit that comprises the Mammoth Tuff Gravel Race, coming Fall 2020. Photo: Dakota Snider


Amanda Nauman Mid South Gravel
CX conditions come to the red dirt of the Mid South Gravel race in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Photo Jason Ebberts / SDG Factory Team