Make Your Mark

Make Your Mark

Make Your Mark: Kids Are Alright

With so much time around home lately, you may have noticed a few more plywood ramps and piles of dirt springing up around your neighborhood. Don’t worry, the kids are alright. All they need is a place to play.

Make Your Mark: Shape Your World

Trails are rarely formed naturally. Every foot, every inch of trail has been painstakingly crafted by shovels, rakes and pulaskis. The men and women who dedicate their time to these labors are the unsung heroes of the sport.

Make Your Mark: Vaea Verbeeck

Breaking through to the professional level is one of the hardest things to do in sports. For Vaea Verbeeck, years of hard work and dedication left her within inches of a podium spot. In order to break through to the next level she had to take a step back and remember why she began racing in the first place.

Make Your Mark: Brave

Whether the smile lines, the skinned knees, the busted knuckles, or the tan lines, mountain biking leaves a mark on us just as we do the earth. Wear them with pride as you play, send it, chicken out, race, win, lose, explore, laugh, and cry. Shimano MTB will be there for the next time you Make Your Mark.

Make Your Mark: Tracy Mosley

For me my breakthrough was winning my first ever World Cup downhill race in Fort William in 2002. The win came ahead of my speed and development and I soon realised the hard reality of downhill racing, where getting it all right and having some luck on your side doesn't happen at every race. It took me a further four years to become a consistent enough performer to win an overall world cup title!