METREA heralds a new style of cycling for today's urban/sports rider

The new Urban Sports category could well be the most exciting development in cycling since the dawn of mountain biking. Long before the mountain biking market exploded there were the rebels who butchered their bikes in the quest of higher adventures. They modified and experimented to match their passions and came up with unique and wonderful creations. For many years the same process has been happening in urban cycling.

Urban riders have been self-modifying and experimenting with their own urban riding creations. Now a new era is on the horizon and a new type of cyclist needs to be served with refined craftsmanship from a dedicated urban cycling groupset. Welcome to METREA.

METREA is for the instigators and the non-conformists, the early-adopters and the inspiring pioneers. To anyone who’s dreamt of building their own high-speed city bike, only to feel compromised by what’s been available.


METREA is for the consumer who seeks sophisticated and timeless simplicity, for the consumer who seeks pleasure, passion and efficient transport in equal measure. It is cleverly designed convenience for the connoisseur. METREA is the new face of urban sport for the urban minimalist. It occupies that gap between rapid road riding and city comfort components.

The name itself is derived from the words Metropolitan and Real. These words are two of the key concepts behind the Urban Sports category. It’s the optimum balance of function and luxury, of practical satisfaction and material pride.

It is designed to create a specialist urban sports bike for comfortable daily commuting. Its stylish components are built to cope with urban riding realities and a new 60° to 45° degree riding angle allows for responsive nimble handling and a comfortable posture.

METREA - new riding style.jpg

The design process

Artistic simplicity was the overall design aesthetic, whilst ensuring speed through component choices was the functional consideration. Quicker acceleration, quicker shifting and quicker braking suits busy traffic and lively riding, and brings urban sports riding enjoyment.

With these form and function concepts in place, METREA’s design philosophies were outlined, namely: clean cut, minimalist surfaces; geometric character lines; and texture contrast through high quality, refined, durable materials.

From these core philosophies and a clear picture of the end goal, the components themselves were realized. To put it another way, METREA is the end result in the pursuit of pleasure from urban cycling.

The components

METREA brings a new riding style that adopts high-quality construction, sharp and sophisticated textures and urban riding trends.

Riders can choose a flat bar for greater urban versatility and compatibility with a wide range of bike frames. Two-way SL-U5000 flat bar Rapidfire Plus shift levers with instant release and Vivid index shifting allow for rapid gear changes with consistent pedaling. The shift levers are operated by OPTISLICK-coated cables offering a smooth and light shifting performance.


Alternatively, H-type handlebars are a new concept in cycling, designed to position the rider’s forearms in a natural position, mimicking the position of hands on the brake hoods of drop handlebars. H-type bars will be available through PRO from Summer 2016. 

Riders mixing METREA components with slim H-type handlebars give themselves quick handling and better maneuverability for urban riding. The clean and sophisticated style is ergonomically designed to follow the natural movement of the arms. Complementary ST-U5060 Dual Control Levers for the ends of the H-type bar lend riders an efficient riding position to go through narrow spaces, whilst putting gear and brake levers within easy reach.

H-bar PRO.jpg

Hydraulic disc brake system

Hydraulic brake levers (BL-U5000 / ST-U5060) deliver appropriately regulated power and performance to cope with multiple urban hazards. Flat-mount calipers (BR-U5000) provide a clean appearance with stable, silent and smooth braking performance, and Ice Tech rotors (SM-RT500-SS) allow for maximum heat dissipation.

Rider-tuned drivetrain

A sleek and anti-corroding two-piece crankset provides reliable drivetrain performance and its tooth profile allows for smooth and consistent pedaling. Drivetrain options provide customizability to suit different city landscapes. The 46-32T double ring set up (FC-U5000-2) provides a closer gear ratio, better suited to varying terrain. Alternatively for simplicity and all-out speed, a single chain ring 42T (FC-U5000-1) set up provides optimal urban gearing. An integrated chain guard provides protection for loose fitting casual riding trousers.

The front derailleur (FD-U5000-F) is designed to work with the 46-32T chain rings and has a low chain drop with a low-trim position. The rear derailleur (RD-U5000) introduces wide-range 11-speed gearing with efficient shifting steps on the CS-5800 cassette allowing the rider to maintain pace in the hectic city.

Finally, METREA’s disc-brake specific wheelset (WH-U5000) brings everything together to allow for quick and stylish cruising through the city streets.


METREA components are set to be available as an after-market purchase in Europe from April 2016.