More Bang For Your Buck with 105 R7000


Let’s face it, the clock is ticking. Not just today’s clock, which is already telling me that I’m in danger of missing today’s ride, but my body clock too, which is telling me that my days of elite competition getting harder and harder. But more than that, somewhere along the line I found myself wanting more from my riding than simply turning myself inside out for a shot at glory.


Sure, somedays I choose to get my game face on and not drop that wheel in front, but somedays I head for the hills for some punishing climbs and high speed descents, and some days I’m just happy if I have time for the 10 mile commute to work and back. But one thing is certain, with so many time pressures, these days I need a bike and a groupset that can do it all.


That’s precisely where the new Shimano 105 R7000-series comes into its own. It has the sleek look and high performance rapid shifting of Dura-Ace and Ultegra, but it’s got some added extras that make it the most versatile groupset in Shimano’s road line-up.

First of all, the high-performance 105 disc brakes bring so much more stopping power and control than the previous 105, and with the reach adjust feature I can customize the shifter feeling much more to my liking. But the disc 105 levers that suit smaller hands means that in a few years I can conceivably hand this bike down to my children – we all need to justify our next upgrades somehow right?!




As someone who likes to do my own maintenance I love the fact that micro adjustments can be made accurately on the front derailleur with the 2-mm bolt, so I don’t need to use the in-cable barrel adjuster any more. Plus the design of the rear derailleur is now more tucked in below the cassette and chainstay, following the SHIMANO SHADOW RD design, so there’s less chance I’m going to knock it out of alignment. And with the different drivetrain options, such as the new mid-compact 52-36T crankset and 11-30 or 11-34 cassette I’m well equipped to tackle just about any climb at home or abroad.


But what I like most of all is the knowledge that with minimum fuss I can ride whatever, wherever and how ever I choose. And with that, today’s clock is still calling. Time to ride!