New Ergonomics, Better Control with GRX Di2 Shifters

Keeping a grip in these spicy conditions can be challenging, but with Shimano's new gravel-specific GRX levers, you can ride confidently in all conditions.

Shimano GRX Gravel Bike riding


Gravel riding can be an adventure with bouncy, slippery, muddy, dusty, and rowdy roads. Keeping a grip in these spicy conditions can be challenging, but with Shimano's new gravel-specific GRX levers, you can ride confidently in all conditions. With a totally new ergonomic shape, textured surface, and easy to reach levers, the GRX Di2 levers are the perfect match when the going gets rough.


Shimano GRX RX815 Di2 Shifters


The new 11-speed RX815 Di2 brake levers provide more leverage, which means easier braking on long, steep, heart-pounding descents. The brake axis, the spot from which the brake lever pivots, is 18 mm higher in GRX Di2 levers than on Shimano’s road levers. So, when your hands are on the hoods and you squeeze the brakes, you have more power than ever before. The same is true when squeezing the brakes while riding in the drops. The increased stopping power is noticeable, which means less hand fatigue and, ultimately, more confidence while riding.


Shimano Road and GRX Di2 Shifters


For added control on chunky roads or rattling descents, the GRX levers and hoods feature textured surfaces for better grip. Even if your gloves are wet, the terrain is raucous, or you’re riding bare-handed, the textured levers and hoods keep your hands from sliding around. The change is subtle and these textured surfaces won’t leave your hands chaffed. They simply hold your hands securely in place, regardless of terrain or weather. 


Shimano GRX RX815 Di2 levers


The GRX Di2 levers blades are ergonomically shaped for better comfort and control, and they pair perfectly with flared gravel handlebars like the PRO Discover Carbon bar. The gentle curve of the lever makes them easy to reach with a single finger when riding on the hoods or in the drops, while the exaggerated horn shape of the hoods creates more real estate for your hands. A steep slope on the backside of the hoods takes the stress off your hands and wrists by creating more than one position to grasp. This shape also provides a more stable platform wherever your hands rest. 


Shimano GRX RX815 Shifters


Like all Shimano Di2 levers, the RX815 levers and buttons are programmable. Using Shimano’s D-FLY wireless unit and E-TUBE app, you can check the Di2 system's status and change the lever functions wirelessly. The E-TUBE app allows you to change each button’s function (reverse which button on the levers shift up and down the cassette or rearrange which buttons perform front and rear shifting, it's up to you!). Besides the lever buttons, the GRX Di2 hoods also have a small, hidden button on the upper inside corner of the shifter body, which provides additional shifting options. You can program these buttons to shift or to connect with Bluetooth devices like your Garmin computer or Bluetooth lights to turn the devices on and off, switch through screens or modes, hit lab buttons, and more.


PRO Bike Gear Discover gravel Bike Handle Bar


For gravel or road riders excited by the new shape and lever control of the GRX Di2 shift/brake levers but who aren't ready to replace the entire drivetrain, you're in luck! GRX Di2 levers and other 11-speed GRX components can be mixed and matched with 11-speed Shimano road and gravel components. You can swap out your current shifters for GRX while keeping your cassette, chain, crank, freehub, and other Shimano road components. Whether you're looking to update your existing drivetrain or are ready for an all-new gravel groupset, the GRX Di2 levers are your perfect match for boosting confidence and control while enhancing your fun on dirt, trail, road, and beyond.


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