Pack Your Bags: Expand Your Ride With PRO Discover Bags

Regardless of where your next adventure takes you, bike bags can help you take to the open road.

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With the help of a little extra gear, bikes can take us beyond the horizon and help us explore new places. We can finally link together those dirt roads at the far point of a route or set off on a multi-day bikepacking trip. It doesn't matter how big or small the adventure; bike bags can help you carry all the extra gear and food you'll need to feel prepared when tackling the route ahead. PRO's lineup of gravel and adventure bags offers various bag sizes and shapes for carrying items as big as a tent or as small, yet crucial, as an extra sandwich or rain jacket. 


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For bigger adventures and bikepacking rides, the PRO Discover Seatpost Bag, Handlebar Bag, and Frame Bag can carry larger items like a tent, sleeping bag, and plenty of spare clothing for volatile weather. However, for the shorter adventure rides or when less gear is needed, PRO's new lineup of Discover Gravel bags hit the spot. The Small Frame Bag, Seat Bag, and Bottle Bag feature smaller volumes with smart new designs that offer easy access to your gear and snacks. Whether you’re hitting the road for a long solo adventure or lining up for a gravel race, PRO’s Discover Gravel bags can carry all the gear you need for a great day on the bike. 


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PRO Discover Small Frame Bag

The Discover Small Frame Bag is a more compact version of PRO’s original frame bag. It fills the space at the front of the frame’s front triangle while leaving enough room to run two large water bottles. Stash an extra jacket for cold winter rides, pack the bag with snacks for longer adventures, or carry a map and lights for some serious exploration. With a 2.7-liter internal volume, the Small Frame Bag is small and sleek enough that you can leave it mounted to your bike for everyday rides, but is big enough to fit essential adventure gear when you need it.

PRO Discover Small Frame bag


PRO Discover Gravel Seat Bag

PRO’s Gravel Seat Bag features a small, sturdy design with quick access so you can quickly grab your tools and spares when it matters. Pack up your spare kit with multiple tubes, a robust multi-tool, and small parts for tackling any mechanical when you're off the grid and far away from help. If you don’t need the extra space for tools, pack the Gravel Seat Bag with spare clothes or store extra snacks. The bag’s waterproof materials and secure roll closure system will keep your goodies tucked away and protected from the weather.  


PRO Bike Gear Gravel Seatpost Bag
PRO Bike Seatpost Bag


PRO Discover Bottle Bag

When two bottles are not enough, or when you want easy access to ride food, sunscreen, and other small necessities, PRO’s Bottle Bag does the trick. Secured to your bike's stem and handlebar, the Bottle Bag sits perched prominently in front of you so you won't forget to eat or drink on those longer rides. The durable Velcro straps hold the bag in place, even over bumpy terrain, while the quick closure system makes it easy to snug things up with one hand. You can grab the snacks you need and then close things up so that nothing goes flying when you hit a washboard road or aggressive trail.

PRO Bike Gear Feed Bag

All of PRO’s bags feature waterproof construction with a 5,000 mm rating as well as waterproof zippers. The bags are designed with durability in mind and can handle the gnarliest of gravel and adventure conditions. Intuitive mounting systems keep the bags steady and easy to use with quick access openings and closures. Each bag features reflective elements to help improve visibility out on the road and ensure you get home safely. 


Photo: Leslie Kehmeier


Regardless of where your next adventure takes you, bike bags can help you take to the open road. PRO's Discover bags offer riders of all kinds the ability to stash away spare gear and food or to pack up for a full bikepacking trip out in the wild. No matter the adventure ahead, bike bags will help you get out there while feeling prepared with as much, or as little gear as you need. 





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