PRO Discover Seatpost with Dyneema

PRO’s first Dyneema seatpost absorbs more shock and saves grams.

Taking the road less traveled often leads to rough and rugged terrain. Cracked pavement, bumpy gravel, and jarring washboard roads take their toll on riders after long miles in the saddle. To help reduce vibrations and bumps in the road, PRO introduced the new Discover Seatpost with an integrated, vibration-damping Dyneema material to smoothens out the ride while reducing weight.




Dyneema is the name brand of the world's strongest fiber material, also known as ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMwPE). This super material has been used in climbing gear, backpacks, and clothing for two decades, but it’s never been used in commercially available cycling goods until the PRO Discover Seatpost. 


PRO Discover Seat Post

“We’re always sourcing materials to enhance riding,” said Chris Jacobson, Product Manager of PRO Bike Gear. “With all the variability of gravel, and with the popularity of long gravel races and rides, we’re looking for ways to build parts to help bikes ride more comfortably and with more control for long days on rough terrain. We’re focused on how to improve vibration control, including in the seatpost and saddle.”


To this end, the team tested various materials, including glass fiber, which was too brittle and too heavy, as well as Dyneema. Historically, Dyneema wouldn’t have been an option for a seatpost because it couldn’t bond with other materials. But the company that makes Dyneema developed new technologies, allowing the ultra-strong Dyneema to permanently pair with another material, which opened the door for PRO engineers.


Dyneema Seat Post


PRO developed the optimal balance for the Discover Seatpost with a 1:1 blend of carbon fiber and Dyneema, which showcases the best properties of each material. Carbon is stiff and strong, but it can be brittle when pushed to its limit. Dyneema integrates into the seatpost design, offering a lower density than carbon, which makes it lighter and allows for more vibration damping. Dyneema is also easier to elongate, which means it’s more bendy than brittle. 


“If we look at its characteristics,” said Jacobson, “Dyneema can give us a lighter weight, more compliant, very strong product.” The resulting PRO Discover seatpost with Dyneema is an impressive 205 grams, and it also has 50% more deflection than carbon seatposts. That equates to a total of 8-10 millimeters of movement under the biggest hits.


And it’s not just for gravel riders. “For a road rider who wants to drop a little weight and tune the ride, this post is a super cool alternative,” said Jacobson. “It’s the lightest post that PRO makes. And at this advanced stage of the game, it’s amazing we can create a seatpost 10 grams lighter with better vibration characteristics.”


PRO Bike Gear Seat Post


The PRO Discover Seatpost comes with a single bolt clamping system, and clamps for 7x7 millimeter and 7x9 millimeter rails to fit most saddles. The black carbon post features small windows showcasing the advanced Dyneema technology inside. Like other PRO carbon posts, the Discover post securely holds a Di2 battery and is available in 27.2 mm and 31.6 mm diameters. It’s only available with a 20-millimeter setback due to the leverage needed to create flex in the post. 


Whether you're a road rider looking to shave a few grams off your bike or a gravel rider who wants to smoothen out those long, bumpy miles, the PRO Discover Seatpost has you covered. Extra compliance and a featherweight construction combine for PRO's most advanced and comfortable seatpost yet.


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