PRO Unveils Cable-Integrated Vibe Cockpit and New Stealth Saddle

Next Generation Components Co-Created with Team Sky, Team Giant-Alpecin

The latest projects to come from PRO’s integration with the world’s top cycling teams, the 2017 VIBE handlebar and stem delivers internal cable routing and Di2-specific functionality while the all-new Stealth saddle was developed for comfort and performance for aggressive rider positioning.

VIBE cable-integrated handlebar and stem developed with Team Sky

The 2017 VIBE handlebar and stem were developed in partnership with Team Sky to minimize airflow disruption and providing a cleaner, sleeker cockpit.

VIBE cable-integrated handlebar and stem developed with Team Sky

The aero handlebars and stems are built around aerofoil shapes and feature specially-positioned cable ports to feed in Shimano Di2 wires or mechanical cables with the possibility to go via the stem towards a Shimano Di2 battery positioned inside the fork steerer.

The alloy stem features a low-profile top cap, narrow frontal profile and a unique locking mechanism with reverse titanium bolts for a clean look and reduced air turbulence, resulting in improved aerodynamics. Meanwhile the carbon Vibe handlebar features Innegra, a material which helps to control and limit the damage that can come from a crash or an impact.

The handlebars are also compatible with new Shimano DURA ACE 9100 Di2 junction boxes, which can sit at the end of the either drop in place of a bar plug. 

Weighing just 220g, PRO Vibe carbon handlebars are now the lightest in the PRO line up, adding a further professional-level performance advantage. 

Vibe handlebars are available in carbon or alloy, and in anatomic or compact shapes. Vibe stems are available in alloy only.

Vibe alloy handlebar

  • Width 38-44cm
  • Anatomic or compact
  • Weight from 240g

Vibe carbon handlebar

  • Width 40-44cm
  • Anatomic or compact
  • Weight from 220g

Vibe carbon aero handlebar

  • Width 40-42cm
  • Anatomic or compact
  • Weight from 240g

Vibe alloy stem

  • Lengths: 80mm to 140mm
  • 10 or 17° angles
  • To fit bar diameter: 31.8mm
  • To fit fork steerer tube diameter: 1 1/8 and 1 1/4 inch.

Stealth saddle developed with Team Giant-Alpecin
The latest of its co-creation projects developed with Team Giant-Alpecin, PRO’s new Stealth saddle is optimized for comfort and performance under the most aggressive rider positioning.

Together with Shimano Dynamics Lab and, a subsidiary of Shimano, a wide variety of performance positions were analyzed and tested with professional riders to create a comfortable Stealth saddle designed for all out performances in both road races and time trials. One saddle for two demanding disciplines.

The Stealth saddle’s shape is wider in the nose, spreading the pressure and allowing riders to use more of the front of the saddle and remain comfortable on the drops or on TT bars for extended periods of time. This allows riders to maintain a more aerodynamic position on the bike.

Stealth saddle developed with Team Giant-Alpecin

At the same time the super lightweight EVA padding shape has been specifically designed to take account of sitbone comfort and pressure points in the three main positions – on the hoods, on the drops and on the aero bars – to provide all-round comfort.

Thigh movement and abrasion points have also been considered with the choice of saddle cover material. The Stealth saddle’s polyurethane (PU) cover was tested with a variety of bib short materials to find the lowest friction rates between the saddle and the shorts. Less friction, less rubbing and less irritation for greater comfort.

The most obvious feature though is the wide cut-out channel in the middle of the saddle, offering extra comfort for riders on the edge. To retain saddle stiffness and power transfer the base includes horizontal reinforcement bridges, part of a one-piece carbon reinforced base.

The underside of the base features ports for new PRO accessories including PRO sports camera mounts, race plates, race fenders and CO2 brackets. The super-thin lightweight base and super lightweight padding helps to create a low profile unisex shape and, together with carbon rails, results in one of the lightest (172g) and shortest saddles for comfort-orientated performance in the PRO line up. 

Stealth saddle developed with Team Giant-Alpecin