Rock N' Road Cyclery Hosts "Ride for Nicky"

Ride for Nicky - a Ride to Celebrate the Life of Nicky Hayden

69 seconds of silence followed by a 69 mile bike ride in the name of our friend Nicky Hayden.

Earlier this year while cycling in Italy between world Superbike races, Nicky was struck by a car. Nicky passed on May 22nd from his injuries sustained in the accident. Today’s ride was a great gathering of Nicky’s friends and fans to pay tribute to his amazing life. It was a great showing and especially awesome to have Nicky's brother Tommy join the ride and saying a few words before the ride started. Special thanks to Matt Ford from Rock N' Road, Victory Sheldon, and Marc Peters for putting this great day together. Besides for recognizing Nicky the ride was an opportunity to bring awareness to rider safety on our roads. #peaceontheroad

Nicky, like many other top level motorcycle athletes include cycling as a major part of their conditioning and training and we here at Shimano were honored to be able to work with him over the years. Nicky has been a long time Shimano athlete and is best known for simply being an amazing human being and of course winning the most coveted title in motorcycle road racing the MotoGP World Championship in 2006.

RIP Kentucky kid.

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Nicky Hayden's brother Tommy attended the event and said a few words to the group before heading out on the 69 mile ride.

L to R: Victory Sheldon, Marc Peters, Tommy Hayden and Johnny O'Mara


Custom kits made to remember the "Kentucky Kid"

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L to R: Brian Lopes, Jeff Ward (Fresh off finishing RAAM), Tommy Hayden, Johnny O’Mara, Victor Sheldon, Matt Ford of Rock N Road Cyclery, Marc Peters and Specialized reps Dylan and Jeff.

Members of Team Shimano participated in the ride to honor and remember Nicky's life. Mike Okano, Senior Manager of IBD, Joe Lawwill, Mountain Bike Sports Marketing, and Jesse Gascon, Soft Goods Product Manager, with Nicky's brother Tommy before the ride.



It was a beautiful day of cycling - credit to Matt Ford from Rock N' Road Cyclery, Victory Sheldon and Marc Peters for putting together this special day.

Remembering Nicky Hayden

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Click here to learn more about the Nicky Hayden Memorial Fund