Sea Otter Classic 2018 - Dual Slalom

The fan-favorite Dual Slalom brought out the crowds at the 2018 Sea Otter Classic. The flowy, but dusty course, on the hillside of the famous Mazda Laguna Seca Raceway featured some of the biggest names in the North America mountain biking scene. 


Clear skies and dry weather made for a beautiful day for Dual Slalom action in Monterey. 


Kyle Warner making his way down the course as the Sea Otter crowd cheers on.


Dusty and loose corners kept the riders such as Trek's Evander Hughes on their toes as they made their way down the course. 


Nik Nesteroff of the KHS Factory Racing team earned himself a 5th place finish among some of the top Dual Slalom racers in the world. 


Double the trouble.


Cody Kelley of the newly formed Alchemy Enduro Team was showing his Patroitism on his custom painted bike. 


Logan Bingelli of the KHS Factory Racing team earned himself two Top-10 finishes in Monterey - taking 8th in the Dual Slalom and a hard fought 8th in the Enduro DH. 


The Women's field featured top Pros to top rising newcomers on the scene, like Kialani Hines, who finished just off the podium in 4th place. 


McKenna Mertons was the youngest racer of the day at just 15 years of age. 


Jill Kintner brought out her signature speed and poise and was raising with confidence. After all the wins she's had at Laguna Seca, we think she's earned that. 


Anneke Beerten is the newest women's racer on the Alchemy Enduro Team. She brought out the speed from the first start and looked to be giving Jill a run for her money. 


American flags on display as Jill Kintner makes her way down the course, with Beerten chasing right behind. 


A thing of beauty - perfect weather and perfect course conditions for the 2018 Sea Otter Dual Slalom. Jill Kintner continued her domination and winning streak at Laguna Seca, taking the win for another year. We've lost count of how many times she's won here in Monterey.


All smiles for Jill after a successful day. Jill would go on to win the Downhill race the next morning - all in a weekend of work for the American mountain bike legend.