Shimano Affordable Wheel Options Expand, Get More Versatile for 2018

Trickle down wheel technology for everyone with new Shimano multi-surface and road wheels


IRVINE, Calif. (March 1, 2018) – Shimano for 2018 delivers three new road wheelsets using trickle down technology from the company’s flagship products, resulting in reliable, budget friendly options. 


WH-RS370-TL Multi-surface wheelset for mixed terrain riding
The versatile WH-RS370-TL multi-surface wheelset offers 19c tubeless rims that are optimized for wider tires ranging from 28-38mm. Designed for disc brakes, these wheels feature 12mm E-Thru Axles and center lock rotors. 

-       Highly effective on various surfaces

-       19c rim optimized for 28-38mm tires

-       Center Lock rotor mounting system

-       12mm E-Thru Axle

-       Compatible with both 10/11-speed cassettes

-       MSRP $254.99


WH-RS300-CL: Balanced aerodynamic performance and rigidity in affordable road wheels

Shimano’s new WH-RS300-CL clincher wheels feature fewer spokes (16H/20H) for increased aerodynamics while the straight spoke construction provides higher torsional rigidity, delivering quick and responsive acceleration. Wider, 17c rims are optimized for wider tires, offering superior comfort and reliability for a balanced and affordable ride. 


-     Balanced aerodynamics and rigidity

-     17c wide-profile clincher rim

-     Weight: 1820grams

-     16H/20H aero spokes

-     Straight spoke construction for torsional rigidity

-     MSRP $229.99

WH-RS100-CL: Shimano’s most affordable 11-speed road wheelset

These wide-profile 17c clincher rims offer comfort and versatility at an affordable price point. Trickle down technology ensures they’re as reliable as they are affordable.


-     Wider rim for comfort and reliability

-     17c wide-profile clincher rim

-     Weight: 1920grams

-     Shimano’s most affordable 11s road wheelset

-     MSRP $134.99