Shimano GRX Meets Dirty Kanza

Shimano athletes and Gravel Alliance members recently tackled the World’s Premier Gravel Race, the Dirty Kanza, aboard GRX, the World’s First Dedicated Gravel Component Group. Designed especially for the demands of the roughest, toughest gravel roads around, Shimano GRX showed its mettle during the prestigious 200 and 350-mile events.


The town of Emporia welcomed the cycling community with open arms, showing once again why it’s called “The Gravel City.” Infamous for its rugged, gravel farm roads and twisty tracks, the Flint Hills region attracts over 3,000 racers each year. The weekend had its share of punctures and spills, redemption and defeat. But over the course of 32 hours, from the start of DKXL on Friday afternoon to the Saturday evening finish line, Shimano’s GRX-equipped crew covered over 1,900 trouble-free miles of Flint Hills gravel.