Shimano Introduces Dedicated Women’s Indoor Cycling Footwear Line

New Women’s IC3 and IC5 Footwear Serve New and Experienced Indoor Cycling Participants Alike  



OSAKA, Japan (August 19, 2019) – Following extensive market research and fifteen years following the debut of its first indoor cycling shoe, Shimano has introduced a new dedicated indoor cycling (IC) footwear series for women. Decades ago, Shimano pioneered engineering footwear and pedals to connect and work as a system with Shimano Pedaling Dynamics (SPD). The new IC series carries that legacy of pedaling efficiency forward with functional and stylish walk+ride SPD footwear to serve the major consumers of indoor cycling footwear: studios, fitness clubs and at-home female riders





Shoes made for walking


The IC series consists of two models, each with a unique outsole for women, based on Shimano’s SPD cleat and pedal platform which enables off-the-bike walkability whether in-studio or at home. Both shoe models utilize the Shimano SPD cleat that by design is recessed into each shoe models’ outsole so that walking is normal, easy and actually encouraged. This high degree of walkability allows women to start their day by walking to a studio for a class in the more walkable IC3 shoes or be comfortable to walk from the bike around the studio in the stiffer IC5 shoes.  

IC5 and IC3 Spinning Schools

Dedicated indoor cycling features and function


Designed specifically with the needs of indoor use in mind, breathability is a primary design feature in both IC3 and IC5 models, with a highly breathable mesh upper. Both IC3 and IC5 models offer a comfortable and precise fit by utilizing a BOA L6 Dial for quick and precise micro-adjustment around the top of the foot. By utilizing a different outsole design for each model, the materials, construction and stiffness of each shoe is uniquely tuned to each consumer. 


IC3 Spin Shoe


IC3: for active newcomers 


The IC3 is a highly walkable indoor cycling shoe with a sneaker aesthetic and fit that is value priced and intended for women who are just entering indoor cycling or participate casually. Designed for walking over stiffness and pedaling efficiency, the IC3 has an incredibly comfortable EVA foam midsole, rubber outsole and utilizes Shimano’s wider, Volume Tour last to remain comfortable to walk all day in, yet still be ready to clip in. 




·     Breathable synthetic leather & mesh upper

·     BOA micro-adjust dial closure

·     Stiffness rating: 2 of 12

·     Extra volume fit last

·     Sizes: 36-44

·     Colors: Green, White, Black

·     Weight: 326g

.     MSRP: $115

IC 3 Indoor cycling shoe
IC 5 indoor cycling Shoe


IC5: for avid enthusiasts


The IC5 aesthetically appears more svelte and exudes performance – a clear demand of women who are true indoor cycling enthusiasts. The IC5 offers a more rigid pedaling platform that is much stiffer than the IC3, yet remains comfortable to walk in. The IC5 utilizes Shimano’s Dynalast outsole design that delivers a closer-to-the-foot fit and offers increased pedaling efficiency. 




·     Breathable mesh upper

·     BOA micro-adjust dial closure

·     Stiffness rating: 5 of 12

·     Performance fit Dynalast 

·     Sizes: 36-44

·     Colors: Purple, White, Black

·     Weight: 292g

.      MSRP: $125

IC5 Spin Shoe