Shimano Introduces New 2019 Premium, Race Ready Off-Road Footwear

Evolving its top-of-the-line mountain bike footwear models for the 2019 cross country and enduro racing season, Shimano announces updated versions of its S-PHYRE XC9 cross country and ME7 enduro shoes. Both new models share new features and upgrades while still utilizing select features and elements of the previous generation models. These new 2019 footwear models perfectly pair with the just announced 2019 XTR M9100 Race and Trail pedals


A consistent new advancement in the upper of both new premium shoes is the use of new strategically cut and placed perforations that aid in both breathability and fit. A careful look at the perforated microfiber upper showcases how Shimano Lifestyle Gear division engineers varied the shape, size and location of perforations to yield the right breathability and shielding from dirt while also creating elasticity that aids in comfort and the ability to accommodate a wider range of feet. The new ME7 also replaces mesh with a new perforated upper. 

Another consistent addition to the upper of both new models is the use of armor that has been redesigned and reinforced in both the XC9 and ME7 shoes. Shimano continues to utilize the same Michelin technical outsoles in both shoes as well as BOA® enclosure systems in the new XC9.


ME7: Further refined for elite enduro racing

Studying rider usage habits, incorporating feedback from top EWS athletes and factoring in enduro racing trends, Shimano’s footwear engineers improved the ME7 with new features and made special efforts to accommodate an incredibly wide range of feet with a new last design. 


New enhancements:

-       New perforated synthetic leather upper optimizes comfort, fit and breathability

-       New Volume+ last enables ultra-wide range of feet sizes (38-50)

-       Improved ventilation and durability from new perforated upper design

-       New ultra-low-profile reverse buckle tucked even further from obstacles

-       Revised, reinforced armor boosts protection and durability

-       New sealed cleat area keeps water out, aids drying


Key features:

-       Shimano’s TORBAL technology provides more natural sideways flex in the back section of the sole to accommodate all-mountain riding style

-       Stretch Neoprene ankle collar offers additional protection from trail debris

-       Speed lacing system adapts to wide range of foot shapes with a secure fit

-       Extra-cushion insole

-       MICHELIN® high-performance, dual-density rubber outsole offers superior traction with unmatched durability, stability, and slip resistance

-       MSRP: $200.00

-       Weight: 400g (size 42)

-       Stiffness: 8  

-       Sizing: 38, 39, 40, 41-46(half sizes), 47, 48, 49, 50


S-PHYRE XC9: Improvements benefit elite mountain bike and cyclocross racers

Shimano’s podium-topping elite cross-country mountain bike and cyclocross racing shoe improves for 2019 thanks to features focused on improving the fit, breathability and durability in the upper.   


New enhancements:

-       New perforated microfiber leather upper optimizes comfort, fit and breathability

-       Improved toe box durability from armor expanding outward of metatarsal foot area and reinforced toe bumper

-       Smooth, clean appearance and second-skin fit consistent with S-PHYRE footwear from new perforated upper design

-       New Electric Green color


Key features:

-       Shimano DYNALAST optimized ergonomic outsole creates more powerful and energy efficient pedaling

-       Low stack height sole helps stabilize foot during the downward pedaling stroke

-       A one-piece surround upper, narrow bottom, rounded heel and slim toe box provide a glove-like fit

-       Dual independent BOA® IP1 dials allow quick and precise micro adjustment

-       Asymmetric eyestay pattern prevents twisting of foot under high power pedaling

-       Proprietary MICHELIN® outsole minimizes weight, and offers increased traction

-       MSRP: $400.00

-       Weight: 330g

-       Stiffness: 11 

-       Colors: Blue, Black, Electric Green

-       Sizing: Blue & Black 38,39,40~47 half sizes / 40~48 wide; Electric Green size range 38-48 whole sizes only



Shimano footwear and pedals: the perfect pair

The result of over 25 years of experience designing and engineering cycling footwear and built upon the Shimano Pedaling Dynamics (SPD) platform, Shimano footwear and pedals are engineered together as a complete pedaling system.


PD-M9100 – The new M9100 XC pedals improve rider stability with wider edge-to-edge contact areas while improving mud shedding through rounded contact points and off-set bindings. Shimano’s Rider-Tuned design offers two axle length options including a new 3mm shorter axle to minimize the Q-factor for XC riders who are running Boost drivetrains. This new shorter axle also matches the Q-factor of Shimano’s SPD-SL road pedals, providing a smooth transition for road riders diving into gravel. 

-       Two axle length options: 52mm and 55mm

-       Wider edge-to-edge platform

-       Step in and out consistency

-       Offset binding for improved mud shedding

-       1mm cleat spacer included

        Weight: 310g (52mm), 314g (55mm)    


PD-M9120 – A wider contact area on the new M9120 trail and enduro pedals improves stability while the expanded rearward shoe-pedal contact area better accommodates the sneaker-style flat outsoles used in enduro and gravity riding. The Rider Tuned 1mm cleat spacer creates a better interface with shoes of varying outsole design and lug height. 

-       Wider contact area than PD-M9020

-       Expanded rearward shoe-pedal contact area

-       1mm cleat spacer included

-       Weight: 398g