SHIMANO Introduces New Value-Focused Pedals For Everyday Riders and Mountain Bikers


Following the recent introduction of new value category bike components for 2021, Shimano announces new pedals providing exceptional reliability and price-performance for two rider segments. The new PD-EF205 and PD-EF202 flat pedals provide a new simplistic flat pedal upgrade for commuters and casual cyclists and the new PD-ME700 SPD mountain bike pedal is a great new option for value-oriented trail riders.   


PD-ME700 trail pedals

The new PD-ME700 dual-sided SPD trail pedals benefit from the adoption of Shimano’s continued advancement in shoe and pedal designs: wider platforms for extra stability and thinner profiles to improve power transfer. The PD-ME700 pedal features a 7.7mm wider platform and an elevated rear portion of the body that brings 12% more surface area in contact with the rider's shoe. Additionally, the pedal profile is 1.2mm thinner, reducing the stack height to enable better power transfer. 

Shimano PD-ME700 Trail pedal

The PD-ME700 is capable for any variety of trail adventures, thanks to its durable aluminum body and chromoly steel pedal axle. Alike other Shimano other off-road pedals, the PD-ME700 has reliable and easy-to-maintain cartridge bearings that shield internals from the elements. The new PD-ME700 pedals weigh 486g and include SM-SH51 cleats.


PD-EF205 and PD-EF202 flat pedals

The new PD-EF205 and PD-EF202 flat pedals are intended to provide casual riders, commuters or new riders with an improved pedaling experience over common plastic body pedals. Both pedals have a large, lightweight aluminum concave pedal body creating a wide contact patch and stable pedaling platform. 


The new PD-EF205 has a closed aluminum body with a resin friction plate for extra grip specifically for flat-soled shoes where the PD-EF202 has an open pedal body with casted pins for shoe grip. The pedal’s chromoly steel pedal axle is the same design as Shimano's higher-end models.

Shimano PD-EF205


The PD-EF202 pedals are available in silver, black blue and red colors whereas the PD-EF205 pedals are available in black, blue and silver. 



Pricing and availability

The new PD-EF202 and PD-EF205 pedals are available for $40.00 and $45.00 respectively while the new PD-ME700 pedals are available for $65.00. All of these new pedal models are available in September 2020. 

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