SHIMANO Introduces Special 25th Anniversary Edition SD-501A SPD Sandal


OSAKA, Japan (July 1, 2020) – Shimano celebrates the 25th anniversary of its beloved SPD sandal with a throwback, special edition sandal in a unique colorway. Inspired by Shimano’s second-generation SPD sandals, introduced in the year 2000, the new SD-501A sandals deliver a sleek, minimalistic design with a dark navy upper and special logo accents. 


Shimano SH-SD501A

The SPD sandal has cult status among a cycling sandal community, a passionate and unrelenting group of riders that is rooted in the Midwest, U.S. Unfazed by inclement conditions, many sandal riders face the elements year-round and are easily spotted by their crisscrossing tan lines, a mark of honor. Shimano recognizes and celebrates these riders from across the globe with these anniversary SD-501A sandals that are emblazoned with a special 25th anniversary logo and throwback Shimano SPD logos on each strap. 


Updating the classic design, Shimano brings back the retro look while delivering the durable construction, and function, that Shimano footwear is known for. With a dual comfort-lined strap closure and SPD compatible sole, the SD-501A sandals allow riders to securely clip into their pedals while still enjoying the cool breeze on their toes. The wide rubber sole is stable and comfortable for riding and walking and its semi-rigid (rated 4/12) midsole plate enables efficient pedaling.


Shimano Sandals


The new unisex SD-501A sandals is available now in sizes 38-48 for $130. The sandal is compatible with Shimano SPD cleats and is available in navy blue.





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