Shimano’s New Walkable IC2 Indoor Cycling Shoe Delivers More Stability and Comfort for the Booming Indoor Cycling Community

Shimano expands its versatile lineup of purpose-built indoor cycling shoes with the new IC2 shoe.

IC2 on Spin Instructor


Shimano expands its versatile lineup of purpose-built indoor cycling shoes with the new IC2 shoe. Answering the growing indoor cycling community's call for increased stability on and off the bike, Shimano's IC2 shoe features a recesses 2-bolt cleat design and full-length rubber sole for improved walking stability. The lightweight IC2 shoe also features Shimano’s breathable surround upper design that offers impressive ventilation and comfort for a wide range of foot shapes and sizes. Designed for sweating it out in your home workout room, the $100 Shimano IC2 shoe will also change the rental shoe game when studios reopen this spring and summer.

IC2 Walkable Sole

Improved Walkability

To improve stability off the bike and make walking across the studio or across your living room easier, Shimano’s IC2 shoe features a recesses cleat area that is compatible with 2-bolt SPD cleats. Not only is the SPD cleat smaller in profile, but the recessed mounting area tucks the cleat out of the way, so you feel like you're walking on normal ground.


For even more off-the-bike stability, the IC2 shoe features a full-length rubber sole that keeps you planted to the ground even on slick studio floors. The rubber is durable and won’t wear down easily, but it'll help keep you upright even if you're late to class and hustling to find your bike.

IC2 Heel Loop and Y Strap


Slipper-Like Fit for the Hardest Workouts

The IC2’s mesh upper construction provides exceptional breathability as well as a slipper-like fit that cradles the foot for optimized comfort and stability. Providing support and structure to this soft upper design is Shimano’s new Cross Strap Closure System that utilizes a single strap to control the shoe’s volume so riders can dial in their perfect fit. The strap travels across the toe box and then reaches over the shoe’s instep, delivering rigidity and structure to help hold the foot in place while maximizing comfort.

Mixed-Last Sizing for Men and Women

Shimano expands its mixed-last sizing design with the IC2 shoe, which basis fit on foot size rather than wholly focusing on gender. Smaller IC2 shoes (size 36-41) feature a narrower last similar to other Shimano women's specific fits, while larger shoes (42-48) offer a wider last closer to men’s or unisex designs.

IC2 Product Shot

Pumped Up Ventilation

Purpose-built for indoor cycling, where conditions quickly become sweltering with the heat and humidity of a packed studio class, the Shimano IC2 shoe delivers class-leading breathability. The mesh upper construction promotes airflow and ventilation across the top of the shoe and also offers quick-drying capabilities – an important feature for cycling studios or riders who routinely jump on the bike for their daily workouts.


Shimano SH-IC200 on Bike


Shimano’s IC2 (SH-IC200) indoor cycling shoes will be available later this month in stores and online here: