Shimano STEPS MTB Upgrades to Customized Power-Assist

With Boost and Trail settings perfectly adjusted to your riding style, you’ll stay in the flow from beginning to end

Imagine cruising through the trails, naturally feeling one with your bike, where every terrain is custom tailored to your style of riding! That is exactly what it feels like when your e-bike is equipped with the newest version of SHIMANO STEPS MTB.

Personalized Pedal-Assist Levels

With Boost and Trail settings now fully customizable, you can choose the perfect level of support to match your unique needs and riding style.

This latest advancement in e-bike technology will have you feeling like you’re pedalling on a normal bike but with legs, lungs and technical skills of a pro cyclist. You’ll find yourself more in sync with both your bike and the trails.

Trail-Setting Benefits

The Trail setting will continue to incorporate Shimano-invented intuitive support curve technology that has been integrated into its Trail setting from the beginning. But now that it’s combined with the ability to choose your power-assist levels, its delivered range of custom-adjusted smooth steady power will more closely match your specific demands.

Customized Boost and Trail Settings

Our new performance feature of customizable Boost and Trail power mode switch settings significantly increase your options for a more personal feel to the bike. It delivers seamless support for everyone from beginner to competitive level cyclists. We accomplished this by making it possible to choose between three pedal-assist levels (high, medium, low) for both of these settings. Our Eco setting remains the same with one pedal-assist level that continues to deliver the ideal balance of support and battery longevity.

3 Modes to Choose From

Dynamic Mode

Dynamic mode is the “factory default” setting, with Boost level set to high and Travel on low. Its high boost gives you the highest level of support to tame vertically-challenging terrain. Its low Trail offers intense control through the tricky bits.

Explorer Mode

The new Explorer mode has both Boost and Trail set on medium. In this mode you’ll get the feeling of riding faster than your normal pace while being more in control when hitting those technical sections.


Custom Mode

In the new Custom mode, you have full power to hand-pick the support levels to match your unique riding style or intended terrain. Don’t need so much support on the climbs but could use a bit more confidence through tight challenging singletrack, for instance? Opt for low Boost, low Trail.

Custom mode can also help you and your riding buddies to even the playing field by adjusting your settings accordingly.

Customizable Graded Pedal Assistance

When combining our new customizable power-assist levels with our current intuitive Trail setting which automatically adjusts its support according to your pedalling efforts, you’ll experience a whole new level of fully customizable dynamic support curve. The system will continue to detect the amount of pressure pushed on each pedal stroke, but now it will more closely match it with the ideal amount of pedal-assist…like the perfect teammate. Simply choose which level of support curve you want and pedal! All that’s left for you to do is simply focus on the trails ahead. Our Trail does the rest!

Settings Adjustment

Using SHIMANO STEPS MTB E-Tube interface that incorporates Bluetooth technology, you can easily adjust any of these settings via laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Download STEPS MTB Firmware Update

From mid-August 2017, you can download the SHIMANO STEPS MTB E8000 firmware update from Shimano’s E-TUBE website. To keep up on the latest firmware as well as the newest developments, check out the SHIMANO’s E-Tube site. To learn more about this new innovative technology, visit the SHIMANO STEPS MTB website.