Shimano STEPS Takes The Worry Away

There’s a good reason why Shimano Total Electric Power System – or STEPS for short – is referred to as the ‘intelligent’ power management system. It takes e-bike riders further than ever before on less energy.

And it’s got something for every kind of cyclist. It can power you through the countryside, get you to work fresh and full of energy or give you that extra little surge at lights when you’re in a hurry.

SHIMANO STEPS uses a rechargeable battery that takes just four hours to load but gives you anywhere from 37 miles to 77 miles of e-riding on a single charge, depending on whether you use it in high, standard or eco mode. So for anyone who loves nature and wants to be outdoors as often as possible, this system will take the worry out of biking long distances. You can be as active as you want to be, but you also know that SHIMANO STEPS is there to help you along the way if you start to slow down or come across a hill that you wouldn’t be able to conquer on a normal bike.


Another great thing about SHIMANO STEPS is how easy it is to use. Its intelligent power assistance feels completely natural. If you’re on your way to school and get stuck in a nasty headwind, it will intuitively propel you right when you need it. If you’re shopping and in a hurry to get home, or late for an appointment in town, it will give you that extra surge at lights and junctions. It’s almost as if SHIMANO STEPS knows what you want when you need it.

SHIMANO STEPS is perfect for commuting too. Use it for that long commute that you’ve been avoiding because there are no showers at work. There’s no need to over-exert yourself with this system and walk into the office uncomfortable and sweaty. You’ll get to work clean and refreshed, ready to go.

This groupset also comes with optional Di2 electronic shifting, which gives you an even smoother ride. Put it in ‘start’ mode and SHIMANO STEPS will automatically shift down to a lower gear as you stop, and get you ready to continue your journey.


The controls on SHIMANO STEPS are a piece of cake. There are three switches, up and down to switch gears, and a switch to go into ‘walk assist’ mode. So if you need to walk the bike up a steep ramp, for example, this system will take some of the weight off your hands as you walk alongside the bike.


That’s the beauty of SHIMANO STEPS: everything is as user-friendly as possible to give cyclists’ the most comfortable and high-performance ride possible. The stress of traffic jams, crowded buses and parking fines are a thing of the past with this groupset STEPS. Best of all, you can take your e-bike equipped with SHIMANO STEPS with you all over Europe, because a Shimano dealer is never far away. So you can always count on our support being close at hand.

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