Shimano TIAGRA 4700 sets a new quality benchmark

Offering progressive all-road performance and an even better introduction to road cycling, Shimano launched their new TIAGRA group set today. The new TIAGRA 4700 adopts key technologies featured on Shimano’s other race-proven group sets, DURA-ACE, ULTEGRA and 105.

Shimano’s new TIAGRA group set gives grassroots and new road cyclists the opportunity to ride a group set inspired by professional riders, whether for challenging sportives, everyday commutes or long weekend rides.

The new TIAGRA concept is based around three key areas:

1. Sleek and distraction-free design

For the first time in its history TIAGRA supports internal cable routing, which gives the road bike a much more clean and professional look. Along with internal cable routing TIAGRA has also adopted the iconic four-arm crank design which is available in the popular gear combination for entry level riders of 52-36T and 50-34T. With the standard pitch cycle (bolt circle) diameter of 110mm both chain ring combinations are interchangeable because they fit on the same crank set.

2. A comfortable and responsive operation

The new TIAGRA shifting platform provides virtually effortless and accurate shifting operation. This is an important feature, especially for unexperienced riders as they don’t have to use much power to shift. TIAGRA 4700 runs on a 10-speed drivetrain operated by improved ergonomic shift/brake levers (STI). The slim and compact bracket grip offers easy reach to the brake/shift lever from the hood position and a comfortable lever feeling for a wide range of riders. Besides the integrated shift/brake lever there is also an instant and two-way release flat handlebar shifter (SL-4700) available.

3. Dependable and consistent performance

Typical TIAGRA riders often place high importance on having a drive train and brakes that are dependable, consistent and require low maintenance. With the new TIAGRA 4700 group set Shimano offers a great balance between performance, easy operation and low maintenance. The new rear derailleur has a revised cable pitch which offers precise and long-lasting shifting performance and is compatible with up to a 34T cassette. Meanwhile the new TIAGRA brake system offers consistent all-round control in all conditions. Compared to the previous generation the braking power has increased by 30%, while the modulation of the brakes has improved too.

The new TIAGRA 4700 group set is available in meteor grey and is set to hit shop floors in June 2015.

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