SHIMANO Unveils New EP5 and E5100 Drive Units

Latest addition to the SHIMANO E-BIKE SYSTEMS family, is compact, powerful, and quiet

SHIMANO introduces its new EP5 drive unit– the latest addition to the SHIMANO E-BIKE SYSTEMS family. The EP5 and E5100 drive units represent a significant step into a new era of e-bikes, empowering riders to explore farther, connect deeper, and experience the power of cycling.


Shimano EP5 ebike drive unit


The EP5 drive unit is powerful, yet quiet that boasts a sleek design and a maximum torque of 60Nm.


  •   ·      Extended Range—EP5’s balanced assist output allows riders to make the most of every pedal stroke and battery charge, providing riders with over 270 km range1 across a mostly flat commuting course.
  • ·       AUTO SHIFT—EP5 helps even more riders focus on enjoying the ride and forget about gear changes by supporting SHIMANO’s AUTO SHIFT on bikes with an internal gear hub or rear derailleur.
  • ·       Balanced Efficiency—Stay comfortably in control with a compact, lightweight drive unit that balances performance and efficiency.



EP5: Balanced power


For daily commutes and weekend adventures, the EP5 provides a mix of reliable performance, outstanding value and innovative technology. It seamlessly extends your reach with a natural, intuitive feel and is designed to achieve the ideal balance between human power and electric assistance.


Whether you're rushing to work, picking up the kids, or embarking on a weekend outing, the EP5 helps you enjoy the ride and experience the moment, one ride at a time.


With the E-TUBE PROJECT Cyclist app, you can tailor EP5 to match your riding style and preferences. The app allows you to customize your EP5 by creating up to 15 unique Assist Characters with FINE TUNE Mode, or personalize Assist Character, Max torque, and Assist start in BASIC Mode.




DU-EP500 specifications

  • ·       Compact, powerful motor
  • ·       Maximum torque: 60Nm
  • ·       Compatible with V-BRAKE, disc brake, roller brake and coaster brake
  • ·       Three unique customizable assist modes, including: ECO, TRAIL, BOOST
  • ·       Personalize your ride and choose the level of power assist with the E-TUBE PROJECT Cyclist App
  • ·       Maintains assist up to 28 mph
  • ·       AUTO SHIFT available for both rear derailleur and internal hub gear (IHG) drivetrains
  • ·       Weight: 3kg
Shimano EP5 ebike systems

The EP5 provides the best of both worlds with powerful performance and a natural riding experience, injecting a touch of adventure into every urban journey. Delivering a maximum torque of 60Nm, SHIMANO’s EP5 finds the sweet spot while operating with remarkable quietness.




E5100: Everyday e-biking

Alongside the EP5, SHIMANO unveils its E5100: an accessible, lightweight, and compact drive unit designed for smooth, natural rides. With a maximum torque of 50Nm, the E5100 is perfect for peace of mind commuting and everyday adventures. Inspired by more than a hundred years of cycling history, the E5100 bridges the worlds of cycling and e-biking, by offering a lightweight and responsive support system, while providing riders with a natural-feel and reliable performance with every stroke.


Shimano E5100 ebike system

DU-E5100 specifications

  • ·       Light, quiet, and compact motor for a smooth and natural ride quality
  • ·       Maximum torque: 50 Nm
  • ·       Lightweight aluminum body
  • ·       Compatible with V-BRAKE, disc brake, roller brake and coaster brake
  • ·       Personalize your ride and customize the level of power assist with the E-TUBE PROJECT Cyclist app
  • ·       Provides assist support up to 20mph
  • ·       AUTO SHIFT available with IHG drivetrains only
  • ·       Weight: 2.4 kg