Shimano Warranty Maintenance

Thinking about buying a new bike equipped with Shimano components?


Shimano’s ”3-2-1 Warranty” warrants these components to be free from defects in material and workmanship— for a period of up to three years— to the original retail purchaser. The 3-2-1 Warranty is designed to give you a piece of mind when you purchase a Shimano equipped bicycle. Properly maintaining your Shimano equipped bicycle will extend the life of your components and keep your ride feeling like new. 


Here are some tips about solving problems, service, and maintenance of your bicycle.

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If you’re having a problem with your bike, Step One is having the issue assessed.

Your two options for getting the issue evaluated and bike repaired are to contact the retailer where you purchased the bike from originally, or visiting your local bicycle retailer. Any Shimano Dealer location can help diagnose and repair - and, if needed, contact Shimano regarding possible warranty replacement. 




While bikes are easy to maintain, they do require periodic servicing to keep everything working properly. If you are a "hands-on" person, you can find Shimano tech manuals and instructions at A trained bicycle technician can help keep our bike rolling smoothy, safely and quietly. A good bicycle retailer will have all the right tools and basic items you need - like tires, tubes and chains. 




Things you can do to help keep your bike rolling smoothly

Two simple things to help keep your bike rolling smoothly are keeping air in your tires and lube on the chain.

For a more comprehensive list, we recommend checking out our Shimano Original Parts Bike Performance Check. 

How much air do your tires need? 

This information is printed on your tire's sidewall. We recommend using a pump designed for the pressure and air volume bike tires require. It's a best practice to this before each time you ride. 



How often should you clean and lube your chain?

We recommend cleaning and lubing your chain at least once a month, however this will depend on how often you ride. If you've been riding in very dirty, dusty, or wet conditions we recommend cleaning and lubing as soon as possible after your ride. Start by wiping debris and grime from the chain, then apply the chain lube. Be sure to wipe off the excess lube afterwards. For best results, we recommend using a product specifically designed for bicycles and even the riding conditions in your area. Always remember, when it comes to the chain, a little lube goes a long way. 




Keeping your bike's tires properly inflates and the chain lubricated will help make your cycling experience more enjoyable. Bikes are easy to maintain, and a bike that's properly adjusted and well-kept will be more fun for years to come.