Launch of Our New Web Service "SHIMANO CONNECT Lab"

We are pleased to introduce our new web service "SHIMANO CONNECT Lab" that can analyze and manage ride data to all Shimano cyclist customers. SHIMANO CONNECT Lab enables various graph display and map display by uploading riding data to the cloud linked to SHIMANO ID.

It analyzes and manages riding data to help you be a better rider.This service enables your ride data uploaded on the cloud to be displayed as various graphs or maps, helping improve your cycling performance and boost your motivation. This web service is started on June 30th.


June 30, 2021 - Shimano's new web service "SHIMANO CONNECT Lab" has been launched.

Basic function



■ Dashboard for easy log viewing for each ride.



■ Statistics and power curve allow you to review your ride history and daily achievements.



■ Use your PC or tablet to view your pedaling force vectors in detail and analyze your ride.





■The uploaded ride data can be visualized in various graphics such as statistical graphs or map information, allowing you to see your cycling performance as well as the power data at a glance.


Compatible devices


Areas where service is available

United States of America Ireland
Japan Italy
<EEA 31 countries> Latvia
Austria Liechtenstein
Belgium Lithuania
Bulgaria Luxembourg
Croatia Malta
Cyprus Netherlands
Czech Republic Norway
Denmark Poland
Estonia Portugal
Finland Romania
France Slovakia
Germany Slovenia
Greece Spain
Hungary Sweden
Iceland England

To customers using Pioneer's Cyclo-Sphere service

You can transfer part of your data on Cyclo-Sphere by following the transfer procedures provided on Pioneer Cyclo-Sphere.

<Data transfer period from Cyclo-Sphere>

*The news released at June 24th has been updated.

The deadline is scheduled for late December, 2021.



<How to transfer your data from Cyclo-Sphere>

(1) On the SHIMANO CONNECT Lab, agree to the terms and conditions for data transfer from Cyclo-Sphere, then (2) log in to Pioneer's Cyclo-Sphere.

(3) Log in to the SHIMANO CONNECT Lab (or sign up) and (4) agree to the terms of use. (5) This completes the transfer procedure and part of your data will be transferred.