Notification Regarding Errors that Occur when Uploading Data to SHIMANO CONNECT Lab

Due to heavy access to SHIMANO CONNECT Lab, it has been confirmed that analysis of uploaded ride data fails or that data processing takes a considerable amount of time. In such cases, please try to upload the ride data again later. 



In addition, the following events have been confirmed in some cases related to migration from Cyclo-Sphere. 


 - Not possible to log into Cyclo-Sphere. 

 - The usage start agreement for SHIMANO CONNECT Lab on the SHIMANO ID portal is not completed correctly. 

 - The ride data uploaded to Cyclo-Sphere is not transferred correctly to SHIMANO CONNECT Lab.


Previously saved ride data will not be lost due to the aforementioned issues. 


We are working urgently to resolve these issues. Please be patient while we work to restore service to normal. We apologize for the inconvenience.