Single Front? Double Check! There is no single truth

Single front or double front? Shimano is here to help with an interactive and easy-to-use Drivetrain Advisor.

There is no single truth regarding a double or single front drivetrain. That’s why Shimano is here to help you make the right choice. With an interactive and easy-to-use Drivetrain Advisor based on our knowledge and technologies such as DYNAMIC CHAIN ENGAGEMENT+ and DYNA-SYS11.


Nowadays the choice for the right drivetrain is a hot topic in MTB land. Single front or double is the question. As a rider who is looking to buy a new mountain bike, you need to know first which drivetrain suits your riding style best.

The Right Drivetrain

Whether you want the lightest option and a minimalist look or a no-compromise system to take you everywhere, anytime… there is always a Shimano set-up to suit you. The right choice is determined by a number of factors such as the trails you ride and your fitness level. The choice for a single or double drivetrain will have a direct effect on your ride. That’s why it is important to determine first which drivetrain suits you best.


Single or Double?

Professional Enduro athlete Nico Lau loves the 2x11. The double gives Nico the benefit of warming up his body on the climb and when he’s reached the top, he can smash it on the downhill. While two-time Olympic champion Julien Absalon loves his 1X11 for Cross Country racing on short and powerful courses.

Nico loves to ride 2X11. Why? Get the lowdown on his gearing decision


Why does Julien always ride 1X11? Read on to know everything about his choice.

Strictly Personal

With the Drivetrain Advisor riders can alternate different levels of expertise with just a few simple steps. The Advisor recommend a single or double front chainring for you based on your answers to questions about the way you ride. All advice will be strictly personal.

Shimano is here to help!

So the right drivetrain is all about the right choice. The only truth about a single or double drivetrain lies within your own fitness level and the trails you ride. Via the website you can watch more stories from professional and elite riders and the underlying reasons for their choices.

For more information check out our drivetrain advisor here.