Stronger, Lighter, and More Impact Resistant: PRO Vibe Handlebars with Innegra Fibers


PRO's high-performance Vibe handlebars with Innegra fibers are built to push the limits. Engineered to withstand punishing riding conditions, the range of Vibe handlebars deliver Di2 compatibility with aerodynamic designs for optimal performance on the road and on gravel. And because PRO's Vibe handlebars are the first to blend Innegra fibers with a carbon layup, they are also one of the safest handlebars you can buy.


PRO Vibe Handelbars


According to Innegra Technologies - the company that developed the high-performance material - Innegra fibers complement and enhance other composite fibers, such as carbon. They are tough, lightweight, and energy-absorbing fibers used in a variety of applications, from automotive and aerospace to luggage, protective products, and now, cycling handlebars. For PRO’s Vibe handlebars, Innegra fibers improve impact resistance and damage tolerances while reducing weight and vibrations.


“One of the big things we have to think about when designing handlebars is impact resistance,” explains Chris Jacobson, Product Manager of PRO Bike Gear. “Bars get a lot of pings and pops from stray rocks or from the bike falling over and more. Innegra holds things together better than straight carbon, which is brittle and can fail catastrophically.”


On a carbon bar, if you have a significant failure from a bad crash or extraordinarily hard hit, the bar can fall apart. A handlebar with Innegra fibers, however, will hold together. “It’s like a netting,” said Jacobson. “It holds the pieces together even if the bar fractures. A bar with Innegra maintains integrity, and you still have something to hold onto.” 

PRO Vibe Handel Bar




PRO applies Innegra fibers strategically across the Vibe handlebars from the tops to the drops for improved impact resistance and durability for day to day riding. “If your carbon bar has sustained impacts that you're unaware of, or if you’ve had your bar for a long time, it can develop little cracks,” said Jacobson. “That leads to stress risers, which can cause the bar to crack and fail.” Once your bar has tiny cracks, a pothole could be enough to cause failure. The enhanced structure that Innegra fibers deliver helps reduce the likelihood of a bar developing weaknesses over time from regular use. 


PRO Vibe Handel Bar



Whether you ride a carbon bar or one of the PRO Vibe handlebar with Innegra built in, Jacobson says that with normal usage, when it’s time for new bar tape, it’s also time to inspect the bar for cracks, scuffs, or other damage. If you crash, unwrap your bars and take a look or have your mechanic check it over. Gently tap along the length of the bar with an Allen wrench and listen for the sound to change. Jacobson says, "if you hit a dead zone, replace the bar asap."


PRO Vibe Handel Bars
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