Take Control of Your Di2 with E-Tube


E-Tube is a powerful platform that lets you take charge of your shifting. Whether you want to customize your shift speed, set up Synchro Shift or update your firmware, it is the tool you need to take control of your ride.



Synchronized Shift is one of the most powerful, unique features of Di2. Map your shifts to a single shifter and control both front and rear derailleurs with one hand. Using E-Tube, you can set where your front derailleur shifts between rings. Whether you prefer a smaller ring for cadence, or a bigger ring for torque, you can position the shifter for the best progression through your gears and maintain the best possible chainline.


If you prefer having both shifters, Semi-Synchro Shift helps your front and rear derailleurs work together better. By programming a complimentary step of 1, 2 or 3 gears at the rear to accompany the shift at the front, you can make sure you always have the perfect gear and can maintain your stroke.



With Di2 you can completely control your downshift - whether you want to shift a single gear at a time, in a burst or through the entire range in one stroke. With E-Tube you can also control how it shifts, how many gears you shift in a burst or how fast it moves through the gears.


Take complete control of how your shifters work. You have the freedom to map any function to any button - whether you want to move your rear derailleur to the left-hand shifter switch the up and down gears, it is up to you. Any function can be moved to any button on the shifters.


Stay up-to-date with the latest options and features by using E-Tube to download the latest firmware for your system. With our commitment to backwards compatibility, you can add features released after you bought your system. This is compatible with Ultegra 6770 and Dura-Ace 9070 onwards on the road, STEPS e-bike products and all mountain bike Di2 systems.



With Di2's wireless connectivity you can perfect your gearing trailside. If you don't yet know how you want your gears to feel, you can set up to 5 presets before you head out, then switch between them quickly until you get the feeling you want. You can also connect your Di2 to your cycling device to sync your gearing information with your other riding data.