The New Ultegra R8000 Series. More Personal Than Ever.


Stunning design. Impressive customization tools. Everything you need to make your ride distinctively yours.

The new Ultegra R8000 series is taking our rider-tuned philosophy to the next level, with an extensive range of components for mechanical shifting, electronic shifting (Di2) and time trial / triathlon.



ULTEGRA R8000 offers a wide range of gear combinations (11-25T, 11-28T, 11-30T, 11-32T, 12-25T, 14-28T, 11-34T), brake systems (rim brakes and hydraulic disc brakes with Ice Technologies Freeza rotors), redesigned dual control levers and remote shifting options. Everything you need to tune your ride.

The center-piece of the ULTEGRA R8000 is the HOLLOWTECH II crank set. It offers weight reduction without sacrificing stiffness, transferring more of your power into speed. The beautifully shaped crank arm - trickled down from DURA-ACE - is a tribute to the aesthetics of your bike.



ULTEGRA R8000 has made mechanical shifting into an art form, delivering the most robust and tactile feel around. It’s light, it’s precise and it’s accurate. The new dual control levers have a greater reach for adjusting brake and gear levers. The redesigned internal shifting unit makes rear-shifting quick and intuitive.

The group set offers two rear derailleurs: one for 11-25 / 11-30 and one for 11-28 / 11-34 cassettes, securing a smooth ride even in the highest and steepest mountain areas. Thanks to the Shadow RD technology, the derailleur is more compact and closer to the frame, ensuring less damage in a crash.



Electronic shifting with Di2 offers the ultimate feeling of power and precision. Customization options help you to establish a click feel that matches your individual style. Once you’ve customized your Di2 to shift to your personal preferences, it will continue to do so without losing accuracy.

ULTEGRA R8000 also adopts Synchronized Shifting. Riders can operate both derailleurs by pressing a single shift button, obtaining optimal front/rear gear positioning. At the same time, Di2’s auto-trim feature automatically centres the front derailleur precisely around the chain, avoiding chain rub.


Customizing your Di2 settings is easier than ever, either by PC or – wirelessly – using Bluetooth-enabled tablets and mobile devices via the E-Tube app for Android and iOS. Just update your bicycle’s firmware to customize shift speed, multi-shift options and Synchro Shift settings. Following the design of the DURA-ACE Di2 shifter buttons, the new ULTEGRA Di2 levers include top-of-the-hood buttons for remote shifting, which can be programmed to shift gear or control ancillary devices such as compatible computers or lighting.


In the race against the clock, you’ll want to shift up or down from your aero position with ease. The ULTEGRA ST-R8060 TT/Triathlon Dual Control Lever allows you to shift the front and rear derailleurs from the brake levers on your time trial base bar. The SW-R671 Remote Triathlon Shifter will mount to any aero extension bar, allowing quick and accurate shifts while in the aero position.



The new brake calipers in the ULTEGRA R8000 series offer superior stopping power and sleek design, with narrower gaps between the arms. The wider clearance makes them compatible with larger tyre sizes such as 28C. The BR-R8070 Hydraulic Disc Brake provides advanced brake performance under all conditions.


Complementing the new Ultegra line-up are two new lightweight wheelsets - the tubeless WH-RS700 rim brake wheels and the tubeless WH-RS770 disc brake wheels. The new HB/FH-RS700/770 hubs offer a weight saving of almost 60 grams, compared to a pair of ULTEGRA 6800 hubs, while the rims are made using a lighter carbon lay-up process, creating a rim brake wheelset that is 80 grams lighter than its predecessor.

All things considered, the new ULTEGRA R8000 is everything you need. On your ride. Your route. Your Ultegra.

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