This is Home

This Is Home

Henrique Avancini

For years, Henrique Avancini has left Brazil behind to travel to races across the world. Competing at the highest level of XC mountain bike racing, his success has grown throughout the years, bringing home a mix of medals and jerseys and making a name for Brazilian mountain biking.

Matt Hunter

For many people, mountain biking is a migratory sport. Once you get a taste for the trails, moving closer to ride every day is a no brainer for those who choose the lifestyle. For Matt Hunter, migration was never necessary. He grew up in Kamloops, where the surrounding landscape was an ever-present inspiration for his own riding. Insert text here

Jackson Goldstone

Many mountain bike athletes start their careers early, honing skills well before the first signs of adolescence. Then there’s Jackson Goldstone. The Squamish, B.C. youth shot to stardom in 2010 when a homemade video of him riding, jumping, dropping, and spinning his balance bike on the way to kindergarten went viral.

Thomas Vanderham

North Shore, British Columbia. This is Home for legend of the sport, Thomas Vanderham. Take a look into his life and what brought him to the mecca of freeride during the renaissance of mountain biking.

Jesse Melamed

Having grown up on Whistler trails his whole life, it may not come as a surprise that Jesse Melamed is one of the top 10 enduro mountain bikers in the world. Yet having the world most developed bike park and hundreds of local trails at his door is only one constant in Jesse’s life equation. 

Tahnee Seagrave

British downhill mountain bike phenom Tahnée Seagrave isn’t afraid of losing. She doesn’t look back at her losses as failures or missteps or regrets. Instead, the accomplished 23-year-old pro racer appreciates the losses, recognizing that these are the most important learning moments that can lead toward success.

Jill Kintner

For the latest edition of “This is Home”, we go to the Pacific Northwest to visit Jill Kintner, an athlete of Shimano for over 7 years, and one of the most decorated female athletes on two wheels. Her career highlights include a Bronze medal in the 2008 Olympic games in BMX, three consecutive UCI 4X World titles, Downhill World Cup podiums, Crankworx overall titles, and an outstanding 19 elite USA National Championships across 5 disciplines.