TransAngeles Urban Adventure with Hans Rey

TransAngeles is a five day Urban Mountain Bike adventure with Hans Rey, Missy Giove and Timmy C. Hans and his crew were inspired by the idea to traverse one of the biggest cities in the world on bikes in five days, not only showing the incredible nature and mountains surrounding the city but also it's diverse neighborhoods, suburbs and famous landmarks. 


Southern California has been home for Hans for over 30 years, and after traveling to over 70 different countries and riding his bike in all corners of the World, it was time for Hans to really explore what he had right in his own backyard. With the diverse riding and types of terrain Los Angeles has to offer, Hans was equipped with both his full-suspension mountain bike and his Shimano STEPS E-MTB ready to tackle five days of riding. 


Day 1: San Gabriel Mountains from the top of Mount Wilson to Pasadena



Day 2: Pasadena to Downtown LA on E-Bikes

With over 4,000 feet of climbing, the E-Bike was the perfect vehicle to conquer Day 2. 





Day 3: Downtown Los Angeles via Hollywood to the Santa Monica Pier

Hans and company explore the famous landmarks, remote neighborhoods and finding some sweet trails on e-MTBs.




Day 4: Malibu and the Santa Monica Mountains

Hans and the group head to the Backbone Trail, a big contrast to the earlier stages in the urban jungle of Los Angeles.





Day 5: Catalina Island

A traverse of Catalina Island on Shimano STEPS e-mountain bikes.