ULTEGRA RX: Bringing Back Bike Adventures


Remember when you knew nothing about the value of money and your primary concern was what time play time started? Back then most of us hammered our bikes across all types of terrain not giving a damn if something broke because we knew that someone bigger and older than us could fix any bike problems that came our way. And even if something did break several miles from home, that was all part of the adventure right? Turning up at home past your dinner time with your hands covered in oil was all part of the fun.


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But soon enough you learnt to take extreme care of the road bike you saved up for. You’d only take it out on sunny days and wouldn’t dream of venturing onto that forest path – even the sight of cobbles made you wince. Chipping the paint on that dream machine was tantamount to a heinous crime so you’d stick to the same busy routes month after month, year after year, sharing the space with everyone else out in their bikes and cars. Compared to how you rode as a kid it all sounds a bit boring doesn’t it? Where did the sense of adventure go?




With the new Ultegra RX clutch derailleur Shimano is bringing adventure back to road riding. Whether you ride Di2 or mechanical the idea is to stabilize your chain over rough ground to reduce excessive chain movement and general ‘chain chatter’. It’s a real bummer when you’re distracted by the sight and sound of your chain jumping around as you’re trying to maintain your cadence over the road less travelled.


Anyone who’s used one of Shimano’s MTB clutch derailleurs will know just how beneficial this SHIMANO SHADOW RD+ technology is to keep your shifting accurate and your confidence up over bumpy ground. 




So next time you see about that path heading off into the woods, and you think about those childhood biking adventures you had, remember where Ultegra RX could take you.