USA National MTB Championship - Winter Park, CO

The crown jewel of US Mountain biking,  the “USA Cycling National Championships” saw its largest field to date of top racers from around the United States competing for the official “Stars and Stripes” title in beautiful Winter Park Colorado. National champs is unique in the fact it hosts 4 major disciplines, Downhill, Cross Country, Short Track and Enduro all in one event.  Thanks to a wonderful host mountain all disciplines were treated to fantastic courses that would challenge everyone and only the best all-around riders in each discipline would earn the title.


US National MTB Championship


Shimano is very proud to share that of the 4 disciplines our Shimano athletes were crowned with all 4 of the women’s category titles and 2 of the men’s titles!


Shimano Bike Booth US National Championship
Shimano was the official neutral support of the National Champs and took care of any racer that needed help making it to their starting line. The SMS crew literally supported hundreds of racers throughout the weekend!


Enduro riders Richie Rude of the Yeti Team and Amy Morrison of the Fuji team were the first to win medals during the week. Next was Jill Kintner taking the Dual Slalom jersey for the 7th time. This time defeating another Shimano Athlete Kialani Hines of the Pivot team in a close faught battle. Then it was Chloe Woodruff of the Stan’s No Tubes Pivot Team winning the Pro XC in dominating fashion while her male teammate Keegan Swenson took home the jersey in the men’s pro XC in knock down drag out battle with last years champion Howard Grotts!Then it was Jill Kintner in the DH taking home another jersey with a solid win. Shimano athlete Kialani Hines took home 3rd.


Shimano Bike Booth US National Championship
In addition to supporting the athletes we showed off all of our latest 12 speed products including SLX, XT and XTR.
Keegan Swenson Stans No Tubes Pivot Team
Keegan Swenson Stans No Tubes Pivot Team
Left -Russell Finsterwald Clif Pro Team, Right-Nic Beecham
Chloe Woodruff -Stans No Tubes Pivot Team
Chloe Woodruff -Stans No Tubes Pivot Team
Left- Crystal Anthony-Liv/Giant Team Right- Chloe Woodruff- Stans No Tubes Pivot Team
Right- Kialani Hines & Jill Kintner at the start of the finals in the Dual Slalom. Left- Jill Kintner & Kialani Hines
Jill Kintner US National Championship Winter Park
Jill Kintner wins her 7th Dual Slalom National Championship.
Cody Kelley mens dual slalom MTB US National Championship
Right- Cody Kelley mens dual slalom.
Richie Rude & Amy Morrison US National Championship MTB
Richie Rude & Amy Morrison both took 1st in enduro.
Jill Kintner Women's Downhill MTB US National Championship
Jill Kintner took first in Women's Downhill.
Kialani Hines  Womens DH MTB US National Championship
Kialani Hines took 3rd in Women's Downhill.
Nikolas Nestoroff Mens Downhill US National Champioship
Nikolas Nestoroff took 5th in the mens downhill.
Left- Hannah Rea Finchamp- Team Clif.
Chloe Woodruff Mountain Bike US National Championship
Chloe Woodruff takes 1st place in the women's short course.
Stephen Davoust US National Championship
Stephen Davoust-Team Giant
Nic Beecham US National Championship
Nic Beecham


XC Elite Men

1st. Keegan Swenson 1:50:26

3rd. Russell Finsterwald 1:52:08


XC Elite Women

1st. Chloe Woodruff 1:47:01

4th. Haley Batten 1:49:12


Dual Slalom Elite Women

1st Jill Kintner

2nd Kialani Hines


Enduro Elite Men

1st. Richie Rude 25:28.6


Enduro Elite Women

1st. Amy Morrison 


Downhill Elite Women 

1st. Jill Kintner 5:47.75

3rd Kialani Hines +14.93


Downhill Elite Men

5th Nikolas Nestoroff +7.91


Short Track Elite Women

1st. Chloe Woodruff 29:18:00

4th. Haley Batten 29:42:00


Short Track Elite Men

3rd. Stephan Davoust 28:29:00

4th. Russell Finsterwald 28:29:00