Watch DURA-ACE R9100 Come Alive In Documentary Launch


Join Shimano and top pro cyclists on their exciting travels as they thoroughly test the new DURA-ACE prototypes.


Dura-ace doc

Over the next few months Shimano will be launching four videos that vividly tell the story of how the new DURA-ACE R9100 Series was created. We will take you on a visual tour through the fascinating process from vision to realization. Watch how the individual components join together, to reinforce each other for unparalleled performance where rider becomes one with the bike. Hear what the pros have to say about their experiences throughout the testing process. By the end of the fourth video, you will fully understand why we refer to our new DURA-ACE series as “System Supremacy”. Expect to be dazzled as you watch the groupset come alive.


How to Watch

The four videos will go live in succession over the next three months. The moment one of them is ready, you will be able to see it below.


Episode 1: Developing the new DURA-ACE R9100 Series

Soar down Italy’s infamous Stelvio Pass switchbacks with former pro cyclist Karsten Kroon while he tests our innovative disc brake technology. Learn all about their surprising advantages over caliper brakes while bearing witness to one of the most stunningly gorgeous backdrops in the world.


Episode 2

Head into Spain’s picturesque Miraflores mountains with our top engineers and testers as they enter the final DURA-ACE prototype testing phase. Former pro cyclist Karsten Kroon will walk you through his final impressions of the groupset, including the shifting, from a professional rider’s perspective.

It is here in the final phase where the components join together to create a “total system”. If the rider feels one with his bike, then it’s a success. What is Karsten’s verdict? Click to see how it all unfolds.


Episode 3

Take a spin with top professional cycling teams as they share how they’ve made use of the new DURA-ACE power meters to improve their winter training. In addition, you’ll learn what goes through our engineers’ minds as they envision the new groupset.


Episode 4

In the previous episode we took a closer look at the importance of a powermeter. In this fourth and final episode we bring the first delivery to Team Sunweb. You'll also see the excitement of Michael Matthews from Team Sunweb when he rides the new groupset for the first time.

This is the final episode so by now you should know why DURA-ACE offers true 'System Supremacy'.


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