This is Home

This is Home takes us back to the roots of Shimano athletes, back to where their true passion for riding bikes was born - at home. Each of these riders has competed on the world's highest stages, in the most exotic places around the world, but there's something about home that can't be replaced or forgotten.

Make Your Mark

Whether the smile lines, the skinned knees, the busted knuckles, or the tan lines, mountain biking leaves a mark on us just as we do the earth. Wear them with pride as you play, send it, chicken out, race, win, lose, explore, laugh, and cry. Shimano MTB will be there for the next time you Make Your Mark.

Shimano STEPS

Delivering diverse new riding options and endless smiles, e-mountain bikes can transform the riding experience for cyclists of all kinds. From seasoned mountain biker racers looking to extend their trail fun, to survivors of serious injury learning to ride again, to those making community changes and expanding our riding world, with a little help from e-mountain bikes, the opportunities are endless. On road, off road, or somewhere in between, Shimano STEPS equipped e-mountain bikes deliver the fun, the flow, and the opportunity to ride the best ride, everyday.

Components of Adventure

The beauty of an adventure is many things to different people, but we find common ground when we go riding new trails with friends in a location we had never been before… These simple things are truly The Components of Adventure.