SHIMANO STEPS E7000 Drive Unit for V-BRAKE, Disc Brake




SHIMANO STEPS E7000 - Drive Unit for V-BRAKE, Disc Brake

Lighter than the E6002 Drive Unit, the SHIMANO STEPS E7000 Drive Unit has a short rear center in order to increase clearance for suspension and large tires. It provides a stable assist power output and a direct pedaling feel whether the assist is on or off.

  • Compact drive unit
  • Shorter chain stay possible
  • More clearance with suspension and tire
  • Power output
  • 60 N·m (max.), 250 W
  • Lightweight
  • Lighter than DU-E6002
  • Improves bike handling
  • Drive unit characteristics
  • Direct pedaling feel both on/off assist power
  • Stable assist power output
  • Water and mud resistance
  • Same frame mount as DU-E8000



Color Standard
Average weight 2.79
Remarks * Set by E-TUBE PROJECT ** By using SM-DUE10/SM-DUE11 *** By using RD-M9050/RD-M8050
Compatible Brake type Disc brake, V-BRAKE
Motor type Brushless motor
Position Mid ship
Compatible Wheel Size (mm) 1,300 - 3,000
Continuous Rated Power (Watt) 250
Maximum torque (Nm) 60
Rated Voltage 36 V DC
Assist mode_ECO
Power supply for front light 12 V DC
Power supply for rear light 12 V DC
Communication E-TUBE
Torque sensor
Crank arm position sensor
Bike speed sensor ** X
Cadence sensor
Compatible spindle type 24mm 2pinch bolt narrow
Chain device compatible
DI2 compatible_Rear derailleur
E-tube connector (pcs) 0
E-tube port (pcs) 2
Firmware update by E-tube Project
Master unit
Assist mode_BOOST
Assist mode_TRAIL
Maximum current supply front and rear light total (A) 2
Maximum support bike speed_20 mph *X
Maximum support bike speed_24 km/h *X
Maximum support bike speed_25 km/h *X
Maximum support bike speed_Adjustment * X
Port for Speed Sensor (pcs)_SD50 type 1
Riding Characteristics_Customize *X
Riding Characteristics_Dynamic *X
Riding Characteristics_Explorer *X
Safe way home function
Terminal for Light (pcs) 1
Walk assist function_Intelligent **X
Walk assist function_On/Off *X
Walk assist function_Quick
Firmware update by E-TUBE PROJECT
Master unit
Position Mid ship
Port for Speed Sensor (pcs)_SD300 type 0
SD300 connector (pcs) 0
SD300 port (pcs) 0
SD50 connector (pcs) 0
SD50 port (pcs) 2