SHIMANO STEPS E-BIKE Dedicated DI2 Internal Geared Hub V-BRAKE 5-speed




SHIMANO STEPS - E-BIKE Dedicated DI2 Internal Geared Rear Hub - V-BRAKE - O.L.D. 135 mm - 5-speed

As a dedicated E-BIKE hub, the SHIMANO STEPS C7000 series hubs feature a 5-speed range and greater strength and durability for seamless compatibility with mid-ship motors. The SHIMANO STEPS C7050 hubs bring the digital precision and integration of SHIMANO DI2 technology.

  • Integrated drivetrain and assist
  • Full-automatic shifting for a more natural riding experience
  • Efficient battery consumption increases riding range
  • Higher shifting performance for mid-ship motor
  • Optimized pedaling environment
  • Higher shifting performance for mid-ship motor
  • Greater strength and durability


SERIES EP8 EP800 Series
Color Silver | Black
Average weight 1670
Brake type_Mount Type V-BRAKE
Speeds 5
Gear ratio_Total 263%
Gear ratio_1 1
Gear ratio_2 1.277
Gear ratio_3 1.622
Gear ratio_4 2.07
Gear ratio_5 2.63
Shifting power modulator
w/ Left hand dust cap
Spoke hole_36H
Axle length (mm)_187
Shifting Structure DI2
Driving efficiency High
Flange diameter (mm) 105.2
Flange width (mm)_Left 3.2
Flange width (mm)_Right 3.2
Gear change support mechanism
O.L.D. (mm) 135
Offset (mm) 3.7
P.C.D. (mm) 92.6
Silent clutch
Spoke size #13/#14
Flange distance (mm) 58.3


  • Drive Unit SHIMANO STEPS EP8 Drive Unit
  • Switch SHIMANO STEPS EP8 Left Switch Unit for Assist
  • Cycle Computer SHIMANO STEPS EP8 Wireless Cycle Computer
  • Crankarm SHIMANO STEPS E-BIKE Crank Arm Set