SHIMANO STEPS Cycle Computer with Assist Switch (SD300 port)



SHIMANO STEPS - Cycle Computer - E-TUBE - E-BIKE - Assist Switch - SD300 Port Specification

With a simple and compact menu, the SC-E5000 cycle computer provides a clear display that illustrates the various functions of the SHIMANO STEPS E-BIKE system. The device also acts as an assist switch, allowing the rider to adjust the level of assist up or down with large, easy to find buttons.

  • Unified switch and display
  • Left hand operation for flat handlebar bike
  • Simple & compact menu display with monochrome font
  • Assist mode select buttons (up/down)
  • Light on/off button
  • Change display menu button
  • GEAR > DI2 gear position
  • AUTO > auto shifting
  • ADJUST > adjust mode
  • Walk assist function*
  • No power on/off switch
  • SD300 port specification *need to use EW-AD305 together



Color Black
Remarks * Left on handlebar (normal specification and I-SPEC EV specification) ** Setting by E-TUBE PROJECT *** Drive unit setting by E-TUBE PROJECT
Back Light
Light on/off button
Contents of Display_Assist mode display
Contents of Display_Battery charge level
Contents of Display_Current Speed
Contents of Display_Gear Position Display
Contents of Display_Automatic shift mode
Contents of Display_Trip distance
Contents of Display_Odometer
Contents of Display_Estimated range
Contents of Display_Error Message
Setting menu_Trip Distance reset
Setting menu_Unit (km/mile) ** X
Setting menu_Back light on/off *** -
Assist mode change (w/o switch unit)
Display Change Button
E-tube connector (pcs) 0
E-tube port (pcs) 0
LCD size (inch) 1.4
Setting menu_Adjusting for auto shift timing *** -
Setting menu_Adjusting for shift *** -
Setting menu_Light on/off *** -
Setting menu_Start mode *** -
Firmware update by E-TUBE PROJECT
Contents of Display_Maintenance alert *** X
Contents of Display_Walk mode display
Display Fixation
Mount position_Others * X
Assist up/down button
SD300 connector (pcs) 0
SD300 port (pcs) 1
SD50 connector (pcs) 0
SD50 port (pcs) 0