SHIMANO DEORE XT Press-Fit Bottom Bracket 89.5/92 mm shell width




SHIMANO DEORE XT - Bottom Bracket - Press-Fit - HOLLOWTECH II - 89.5/92 mm shell width

For SHIMANO 24mm MTB cranks, the SHIMANO DEORE XT bottom bracket uses high quality sealed bearings and is offered in threaded and pressfit options.

  • Ride anywhere 11-speed rider tuned gearing
  • The power to choose how and where you ride
  • Various choices for bike and riding style
  • Consistent shifting performance and enhanced chain management
  • More durable chainwheel teeth
  • Composite chain ring construction:
    Steel teeth/Steel+CFRP body (1x11, 3x11 Middle)
    Aluminum plated teeth/Aluminum+CFRP body (2x11 Top)
  • Optimal balance of durability and lightweight
  • New 3D composite chain ring's teeth composition is optimized for each chainwheel load out with steel driving gear teeth and aluminum support gears
  • Aluminum teeth/Aluminum+CFRP (3x11 Top) Steel teeth/CFRP (3x11 Middle) Aluminum plated teeth/Aluminum+CFRP (2x11 Top) Stainless steel/CFRP (1x11)
  • High efficient and precise shifting
  • Improved driving rigidity
  • 70 degree spider arm with HOLLOWTECH II technology and Dynamic Chain Engagement (1x11-speed)
  • Close ratio gear combination for minimum shifting gap and maintaining rhythm
  • Single spike structure for robust shifting
  • Enhanced chain retention
  • Dynamic Chain Engagement (1x11-speed)
  • Better sealing and better rotation
  • Small ball Bottom Bracket
  • Gear combination: FC-M8000-3: 40-30-22T FC-M8000-2: 38-28T, 36-26T, 34-24T FC-M8000-1: 30T, 32T, 34T Chain line 3mm outboard spec available


SERIES SLX M7000 Series
Average weight 68.2
Press-Fit bottom bracket shell width (mm)_89.5 X (BB-MT800-PA)
Press-Fit bottom bracket shell width (mm)_92 X (BB-MT800-PA)
Press-Fit bottom bracket shell width (mm)_107 X (BB-MT800-PC)
HOLLOWTECH II bottom bracket_Press-Fit type