Lens technologies are the core of every optic program, and SHIMANO lenses are engineered to the highest standards: ours.


SHIMANO lenses feature polycarbonate substrates for superior impact resistance, reduced weight and performance in a wide range of temperatures. Full UV-400 anti-scratch coatings insure a clear view under all conditions. All SHIMANO lenses feature a decentered optics to provide distortion-free vision which reduces eye fatigue.

We impact test lenses to anticipate real world riding conditions to ensure that our lenses withstand and protect against small incoming obstacles, such as insects, branches and pebbles.


Hydrophobic (HP) coatings are applied to outer and inner lens surfaces to increase water-repellency and to keep lenses from attracting dust, oil and dirt. HP lens stay cleaner longer, and are easier to maintain.


The RX-optimal clip transforms the standard S71X, EQUINOX 3, SOLSTICE, and S51X into a prescription-ready sport frame. The clip attaches closeto the lens for an optimized fit.