Road Disc Brake

Road Disc Brake

Road Disc Brakes deliver consistent brake performance in any weather, with lighter lever action and greater brake power control for a wide range of riding styles.

Benefits & Features

    1. Consistent, stress-free braking performance is unaffected by weather conditions. 
    2. Lighter lever input and easier braking power control make riding less tiring and more fun for riders of any level.
    3. Great for alternative riding styles on rough surfaces like Gravel and Adventure Road that require wider rims/tires.
    4. Road-optimized form factor features a more compact and stylish integrated design.
    5. Streamlined ONE WAY BLEEDING prevents air bubbles from forming in the system, making maintenance quicker and easier.
    6. Superior heat dissipation of ICE TECHNOLOGIES reduces brake fade and ensures reliable brake performance.
Diverse Riding Styles

Hydraulic Disc Brakes can expand the riding possibilities by meeting and exceeding the expectations of a wide range of riders, from traditional road to unconventional styles like gravel and adventure road. SHIMANO Road Disc Brakes can make riding more enjoyable for a wider range of riders because of its consistent brake performance unaffected by weather conditions, lighter lever operation, easier brake power control, and the superior heat dissipation performance of ICE TECHNOLOGIES.