Shimano batteries and chargers* are IPX5 water-resistant so you don't have to lug your batteries inside to recharge. Being able to quickly charge your bike outside is a quality-of-life improvement that is a huge benefit for riders who want a fast boost of range while stopping for a meal or meeting friends. Shimano battery systems deliver long-life operation and can be stored safely at a wide range of temperatures for year-round enjoyment under any conditions.
*Some products are not IPX5 rated.


Anti-aging battery

SHIMANO STEPS utilises a long-life battery to maintain sufficient output, even after 1,000 charges.
• The durable battery retains a greater charge for a longer time.

Anti- aging battery60% 1,000
After 1,000 charges:
holds 60%
of max charge

High Level Water-Resistant Performance And Quick Charging (EC-E8004)

High Level Water- Resistant Performance And Quick Charging (EC- E8004)COMPATIBLE
  • 100% charged
  • 80% charged

Note: When charged
with EC-E8004


Compatible batteries' service support program
To optimize handling for dealers and bike brands, we will newly introduce a battery service program to battery service program members (Darfon and Trend Power).

Simplified Handling for Dealers

Service support for Shimano batteries is offered by the following battery service program members:

How to confirm if a battery is supported in 2 Steps


Check for the special logo on the battery

Check for the special logo on the battery

Supported batteries have a SHIMANO STEPS SERVICE logo
(Refer to the accompanying image)


Check with E-TUBE PROJECT Professional

Check with E- TUBE PROJECT Professional

After connecting the bike, a special “SUPPORTED BY SHIMANO” (refer to the following icon) status icon will appear for supported batteries.

Check with E- TUBE PROJECT Professional

New firmware and SKU are needed for E-TUBE app to list a battery as “Supported by SHIMANO”.