SERIE Nexus C6000
Color Silver, Black, -
Remarks t : chain case thickness * Both of spec with bolt and spec w/o bolt are available.
Chain ring teeth_38T X
Chain ring teeth_33T X
Chain guard type_NA X
Compatible chain_HG 8-speed(1/2"X3/32") X (CN-HG71)
Compatible chain_1/2"X1/8" X (CN-NX10)
Chain guard1_Diameter (mm) 33T 95.4
Chain guard2_Diameter (mm) 33T 95.4
Bike Type Comfort
Axle length of BB-UN/ ES (mm)_Threaded (chain case) BB-UN26-K
Chain case compatible X
Chain line (mm) 44
Compatible BB type_Square X
Crank Arm length (mm) 170
Recommended BB_Threaded (chain case) X
Threaded BB shell width_68mm X
Crank arm fixing bolt_With X


  • Brake Hub Roller Brake
  • Brake Hub Roller Brake
  • Brake Lever Bremshebel
  • Internal Geared Hub SG-C6060-8C