A Day in the Life of Jeanni Seymour Prepping for IM 70.3 Boulder

We caught up with the 2017 Ironman Boulder 70.3 champion, Jeanni Seymour of the Timex Team days before attempting to defend her title. Jeanni races for her country of South Africa but calls Boulder home much of the year; one of the many Boulder residents who transplanted from far away to take advantage of the world famous triathlon training community.  




Jeanni’s day starts with a boost of coffee and a look over the days workout schedule provided by coach Jesse Kropelnicki.    




Of all the morning workout routines, the pool session is the most consistent. Workout changes from day to day but consistency is key in the water.    




Jeanni swims with a handful of other pro triathletes in a masters group at Rally Sport Fitness Center. She will spend around 5 hours per week in the pool.    




“Pool tools” like paddles, fins, snorkels, and buoys are frequently used to target specific muscles and focus on techniques.    




The freestyle stroke is the fastest way to get from point A to B in the water, however, coaches mix up the strokes in the pool to keep things interesting and to challenge the athletes in different ways.    




After the pool is a session with strength coach Erin Carson. 




Erin will have Jeanni in the gym two times a week. The focus is not on improving maximum strength, rather to strengthen connective tissues and target muscles that are neglected in a triathlete’s normal routine. 




A strong athlete tends to be a healthy athlete. Strength work is crucial for success at the highest level in the sport.




After the gym, it’s back home for a chance to refuel.    




No time for a big meal, a shake will do. Not one to count calories, Jeanni simply makes sure to eat enough to perform at her best which includes a healthy dose of fruits and vegetables daily. 




Of the three disciplines, Jeanni has the most potential for improvement on the bike and spends plenty of time aboard her Trek Speed Concept.      




Tri shoes have their purpose, but when it comes to training, the comfort of the S-PHYRE RC9 road shoe is preferred.    




Out the door and ready for the legendary roads of Boulder, Colorado.    




Jeanni owns a Trek Emonda road bike as well and will ride that bike during longer mountain ridden workouts. Today’s ride is primarily on the flats and provides a great opportunity to make sure the body is ready for the TT position.    




A typical week will include around 11-13 hours on the bike and focus heavily on power metrics.    




It’s all about managing efforts in triathlon. A great bike leg doesn’t always translate into a great race, but you can easily lose the race if your bike fitness is not there.    




Last year, Jeanni was ranked in the top 5 for females racing the Half Ironman distance. This year’s goal is to peak for the Ironman 70.3 World Championships being held in her home country of South Africa.    




Legs feel good. Bring on Ironman Boulder 70.3    




There is always time for a coffee stop and a chance to check emails and the “Gram”.




Time to head home and gear down for a run.




Boulder has a plethora of gravel roads and trails, perfect for lower impact running.




An average week will usually include around 4 hours of running, unless it’s taper week or a big build session.    




Headed back home with the Flatirons in the background.    




Recovery is often an afterthought for most but it’s a crucial part of the game for a professional. Time for Jeanni to kick back and enjoy a book and Normatec boots.