Shimano AM Shoe Lineup For All-Mountain Riding

Shimano Womens AM7 Mountain bike Shoe


Shoes may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think Shimano, but high-end cycling footwear has been part of the company’s diverse product range for more than three decades. Today, that lineup includes 55 styles that cover everything from top-tier Tour de France-worthy road shoes to SPD-compatible sandals. Indeed, Shimano takes the craft very seriously, so much so that it owns and operates two dedicated footwear manufacturing facilities. 


Among Shimano’s most popular offerings are its AM, or All-Mountain line, which includes three models — AM9, AM7, and AM5. Designed for gravity and Enduro riding, the AM line offers the optimal blend of protection, performance, durability, and comfort. 

Shimano AM Mountain Bike Shoe

Utilizing Shimano's system integration concept, the AM lineup features an outsole that is designed to seamlessly integrate with Shimano SAINT SPD pedals. The outsole is wider and flatter for more surface area, and it has lugs and broad pedal channel to maximize contact between shoe and pedal. This design improves power transfer and enhances stability (whether clipped in or not) for better overall bike control.


All Shimano AM shoes utilize a gravity-specific rearward SPD cleat adjustment range, which places the cleat in the preferred position without altering desired outsole characteristics. This helps optimize comfort and traction when off the bike, and the adjustment range expands as shoe size goes up, a feature that’s unique to Shimano. 


Shimano AM9 Mountain Bike Shoe

Finally, each of the AM shoes benefits from Shimano's Volume Tour Last, which provides more volume at the ball of the foot, increasing comfort by allowing your feet to spread out more naturally. This extra volume is especially important when off the bike and walking. However, Shimano maintains rearward foot stability thanks to a snug fit at the instep and heel, a critical component of ankle support and pedaling efficiency.  



The AM9 is Shimano’s flagship gravity and Enduro SPD shoe and is often seen on the feet of the world’s best downhill racers. It offers maximum protection thanks to an armored lace shield and a molded toe cap and boasts an asymmetrically raised and padded ankle collar, which protects the rider from crank and frame impacts. A speed lace system allows for fast, secure adjustment while riding or when off the bike. And the synthetic leather upper construction absorbs less water and dries quickly for extra comfort on wet rides or for creek crossings.  

Shimano AM9 Mountain Bike Shoe


If you tend to pedal more and shuttle less, or if you appreciate a more traditional shoe aesthetic, then the highly versatile AM7 shoe is a great choice. It features many of the same protective elements as the AM9 and has enhanced breathability thanks to its mesh TPU upper. However, the AM7 shoe foregoes the lace shield in favor of exposed laces and a Velcro strap. Together, the laces and Velcro minimize foot movement inside the shoe when pedaling. The AM7 also features a neoprene ankle collar that keeps debris from getting inside the shoe.

Shimano AM7 Mountain Bike Shoe


For the budget-conscious rider, the AM5 features traditional cut-and-sew construction and has a strong skate influence. Features include toe protection, a quick dry upper, and the same outsole found on the AM7 and AM9. It even comes with a spare set of black laces so you can customize the look. 

Shimano AM5 Mountain Bike Shoe

With 30 years of industry-leading footwear manufacturing experience, Shimano delivers performance and precision across the full AM shoe range.