SHIMANO Announces New 2020 Entry and Mid-Level Road and Mountain Bike Components

Shimano today announced several new mountain, road and urban category components and wheels primarily suited for the value-priced tier aftermarket and bike manufacturer specifications. The new products announced today showcase an expansion of 12-speed mountain bike drivetrain and wheels, more powerful new hydraulic disc braking systems, reliable new replacement wheel sets, new ergonomic advancements for road shifters and new Shimano STEPS additions.         


Expansion of 12-speed mountain bike drivetrains and wheels

Wide range Shimano 12-speed mountain bike drivetrain options and wheels will now be available at the entry price tier. These products are available with Boost spacing options and support new wide range cassettes with 10T cogs. 


New MICRO SPLINE, CENTER LOCK 12-speed Boost wheels in 27.5” and 29” sizes are available. 


  • 24H J-bend spokes
  • O.L.D.: 148 mm
  • MSRP $174.99    


  • 24H J-bend spokes
  • O.L.D.: 110/15mm; 12x148mm
  • 30mm inner rim width
  • MSRP $245.99

    Additional MICRO SPLINE 12-speed hubs are also available with the FH-MT510 12mm E-THRU in Boost sizing (142mm, 148mm O.L.D.) with 32-spoke front and 36 rear spoke options. Additionally, the FH-MT500 quick release hubs are available in traditional spacing also in 32 front and 36 rear spoke patterns.


    More powerful and ergonomic hydraulic disc brake systems

    Shimano’s expands its most powerful, 4-piston hydraulic disc brake technology to the value price sector with the new 4-piston BR-MT420 disc brake that provides a 20-percent increase in braking power and provides 150-percent better brake pad wear resistance (vs. 2-piston BR-MT400). Additionally, Shimano introduces the CENTER LOCK SM-RT30-L disc brake rotor that is now available in the 203mm (L) size.


    The new BL-MT400-3A ergonomic hydraulic disc brake lever debuts with a 3-finger specific design that supports various riding styles and provides comfort over long distances. The BL-MT400-3A offers well-balanced braking power and modulation and is easily maintained with ONE WAY BLEEDING.

    For urban riders, Shimano introduces new Alfine BL-S7000/BR-S7000 hydraulic disc brakes with a new, more ergonomic 3-finger lever design, optimized performance for urban riding and a reduced price point. The brake system is available in silver or black colors. 


    For urban riders, Shimano introduces new Alfine BL-S7000/BR-S7000 hydraulic disc brakes with a new, more ergonomic 3-finger lever design, optimized performance for urban riding and a reduced price point. The brake system is available in silver or black colors. 




    New ergonomic options for SHIMANO ULTEGRA R8000

    Expanding options for a broader cross section of road riders, Shimano introduces ULTEGRA ST-R8025-L/R (11-speed) Hydraulic Disc Brake DUAL CONTROL LEVERS. Designed for riders with smaller hands, the new ULTEGRA DUAL CONTROL LEVERS have a re-designed lever shape, and position the lever 4mm closer to the bar for securing braking and faster shifting with less effort.


    New road disc brake-specific hubs and wheels also debut, including the new WH-RS171-CL-F12/R12 10/11-speed Disc Brake Wheelset that is available in both 700C and 650B sizes. The wheels move towards a lighter and wider mindset, where the internal rim width is 19C to accommodate wider tires as well as dropping weight 100g from previous generation WH-RS170 wheels. New HB-RS470/FH-RS470 (10/11-speed) disc brake hubs debut with 12mm E-THRU axles.


    New Acera, Altus and Tourney mountain bike drivetrain components debut

    New Altus and Shimano branded RAPIDFIRE PLUS shifters are now available for 2/3x9 and 2/3x8/7 speed mountain bike drivetrains respectively. Both new shifters deliver light shifting and a streamlined cockpit with the optical gear display positioned under the bar. Additionally, a new entry EZ FIRE PLUS Shifter with hydraulic disc brake (2x7-speed) debuts that provides light action shifting and stable braking performance at a reasonable price compared to mechanical braking options.


    New top-swing front derailleurs are available for the Acera and Altus off-road lines that are designed to offer larger tire clearance. The new derailleurs deliver consistent off-road shifting thanks to wide line, HYPERDRIVE design with increased capacity due to one specification for 48.8 mm & 51.8 mm chainlines. Additionally, Acera will offer the HYPERGLIDE FD-T3000-2-TS3 front derailleur that provides precise and reliable shifting with a 16T capacity. The new Tourney FD-TY710-2-TS3 (2x8/7-speed) front derailleur provides versatile performance and wide compatibility. 


    Two new value-priced mountain bike HYPERDRIVE double-chainring cranksets are now available designed to deliver consistent front shifting in a variety of conditions. The new cranksets feature SG-X chainrings in 36-22T profiles. All cranksets have a Q-Factor of 179.4 mm. Two new price point fitness/urban cranksets also debut, with 46-30 chainring ratios and optioned with or without chain guards. The FC-MT210-2 HYPERGLIDE 2-piece crankset features SG-X chainrings and is black anodized. The square type FC-TY501-2 crankset offers precision indexed SIS shifting.


    Additionally, the new CENTER LOCK 7-speed rear disc brake FH-TY505-7 hub is introduced to provide more durability for quick release engagement.