PRO Stealth Saddle Range

When it comes to comfort on the bike, selecting the right saddle is a crucial decision for any cyclist. PRO offers an extensive range of saddles that accommodate a wide variety of body types, riding styles, and budgets. The popular PRO Stealth family of saddles is a series focused on better fit and power transfer for high-performance riding. With two new additions to the lineup this year with the Stealth Superlight and Stealth Off-Road models, there is now a PRO Stealth saddle for every type of rider. 


Shimano's PRO Stealth Saddles

All PRO Stealth saddles utilize the same basic silhouette, with a broad nose to dissipate soft tissue pressure, combined with a wide cutout and shortened overall length. This shape allows riders to obtain a more forward-rotated position without the numbness or pain that’s often associated with this type of aggressive riding style. Additionally, to better accommodate different sit bone widths, all models are offered in two width options, including a narrower 142 mm and a wider 152 mm option. The Stealth was initially intended for road cycling, but the concept has since become popular across different cycling disciplines from triathlon to gravel, and even serious mountain biking. 



PRO Stealth

The original model of the Stealth has stainless steel rails for maximum durability and value and has lived on as a time-tested favorite among pros and amateurs alike. With lightweight EVA padding and a carbon-reinforced polymer base, it comes in at a scant 205 grams. The signature design supports wider and narrower sit bones and helps riders achieve a comfortable and aggressive riding positon. 

PRO Stealth Saddle
Shimano's PRO Stealth Saddle


PRO Stealth Carbon 

PRO also offers the Stealth Carbon saddle, which adds lightweight, carbon rails to the original Stealth design. Carbon rails add stiffness and strength while reducing the total package to a feathery 172 grams. This model is the choice saddle by pros and elite amateur athletes who want everything that the original offers, only lighter.

PRO Stealth Carbon Saddle


PRO Stealth Superlight

Dropping even more weight, PRO recently released the all-new featherweight Stealth Superlight. Using the same shape as its brethren, the Superlight is made with an incredible one-piece design, molding the entire base and rails out of carbon fiber. This reduces the saddle weight to an astounding 145 grams and is perfect for road races, hill climbs, or any time you need to drop every possible ounce.


PRO Stealth Superlight Saddle
PRO Stealth Superlight Road bike Saddle


PRO Stealth Off-Road

Rounding out the full lineup of Stealth saddles is the highly-anticipated Stealth Off-Road. The new model uses stainless steel rails for durability, combined with increased padding and a reshaped design for bumpy trails and gravel roads. It delivers all the advantages of the Stealth design to the off-road scene, maximizing power on the trail while navigating difficult terrain.

PRO Stealth Offroad Saddle
PRO Stealth Offroad Saddle

The Stealth series represents the latest in saddle innovation from PRO. While no one saddle is right for every rider, the Stealth range offers a variety of saddle features designed for different types of riding. Visit your local PRO Bike Gear dealer to find the right Stealth saddle for you.  


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